“I still love her!”: David Zepeda sends a message to his ex but there is something else

David Zepeda sends a message to his ex: “I still love her!”

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David Zepeda is still single and in no trouble finding the love of his life.

The actor confesses to TVyNovelas that although he has been caught at some events with his ex, Lina Radwan, that is not a sign that they have returned.

“She is my family, we had a dating relationship for many years and I still love her, we have a beautiful relationship, maybe I still love her more than when we were dating, and look, I loved her very much, but Lina will be with me the rest of my life, I am the same in hers, I will always support her and we will always be together, however, as a couple, no longer.

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At the moment, the possibility of resuming the romance is not on the table. “She is very clear about it and so am I,” reveals the artist in our conversation, making it clear that the decade he was with Lina was one of the best stages of his life, so now that that love has been transformed, they will continue to see them together but like best friends.

He is committed to maturity, and ensures that not all couples should be in bad shape after having gone through moments that marked their existence; He has now taken the time to meet other women, but he prefers to do it calmly and without pressure. “I think that now I am less demanding, I let it flow, I try to learn from life, from my friends, I do things more calmly and that is how I have understood it.”

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Regarding the idea of ​​becoming a father, David affirms that it is not something that makes him lose sleep or that he has between his eyebrows. “I just let everything emerge, I don’t like to force things at all, that’s why I hope he flows as it should,” admits the actor.

David Zepeda returned to record a novel with extra kilos.  Photo: File

After starring in the telenovela Pienso en ti, the heartthrob has given himself quality time to balance his emotions.

“It is that when we are recording, they are intense days, there is not time to do many things, so the first thing I do is try to rest, and the way I do it is by exercising, playing sports, playing tennis, paddle tennis, reading, watching series, it is the way in which I love to disconnect ”. Two months after his 50th birthday, the actor is happy to close a cycle, while he prepares to face the challenges of half a century of life. “I am grateful for each stage of my life as it presents itself to me, I enjoy every moment; As an actor, your career becomes more interesting over the years, you have a greater sensitivity to interpret each character. Until now I have not reached that famous crisis of the 50s, I don’t know if I will, but I thank life, God for allowing me to live fully, I feel energized, with great enthusiasm to continue approaching the public through music, television, theater… Hopefully God gives us a lot of health to continue”.

Who is Lina, David Zepeda’s ex-girlfriend?

Lina Radwan is an actress of Mexican origin, but with Syrian blood; She is also a businesswoman, because she has a clothing store, and she is passionate not only about acting, but also about exercising, on her social networks she always shares photos and videos of her daily life.

The artist has had participation in some telenovelas, even in one of them she shared credits with her then boyfriend David Zepeda, said production was Lie to live, recorded in 2013. Another of her projects was the Silvia Pinal bioseries, giving life to the famous public relations artist Fanny Schatz. Now, according to rumors, she would be the actress in charge of playing Pati Chapoy in the Gloria Trevi series produced by Carla Estrada.