“I swore I was not going to wake up”: Platanito thanks God after being on the brink of death

The pandemic hit hard Platanito, about to erase his smile. The comedian was hospitalized for COVID-19 and a myocarditis in the heart caused by the contagion that almost led him to death; He thought he would die and even said goodbye to his wife. But fortunately he recovered, and after experiencing an economic crisis that forced him to sell several of his assets, the clown declares himself ready and renewed to reconnect with his audience with his new show.

How much emotion do you feel to be on stage again? Very excited to return to the stage with a face-to-face show, to see the public again, to hear their laughter, feel their applause and, above all, after this pandemic and being on the brink of death, to resume my work, which is what I love, and what I do since I was a child; for me it is a great blessing, a great opportunity again and an impressive emotion.

That time when you weren’t in front of an audience, what use was it to you? For many things. To reinvent myself, learn to do many things, to resume many activities that I had abandoned, to be close to my family and think about thousands of things that I had not had time before doing.

You say that you reinvent yourself … Who is Platanito now? Platanito and Sergio, both reinvented themselves. I resumed my career as a DJ; music has been an impressive escape for me, a relaxing one. Music is doing very well for me and I am forming a new project called Platanito DJ, which is working a lot. I am a person who cannot be still and who tries to do different things; taking up music, which is also something that I am passionate about, is very cool.

You declare yourself restless, was it very difficult to be in confinement? The pandemic almost drives us all crazy with the confinement; being used to being free, and suddenly having to lock up for so many days due to the pandemic is something we were not prepared for. Now that this little light is opening in such a dark tunnel, it is a great joy and an impressive emotion.

Did the interruption of the tour affect you financially? Sure, because that’s what I do, my shows; I am a person who does not live on something else. Fortunately, I am a person who has worked all my life and had my savings, some assets; I was selling what I could.

Did you have to sell a lot? The truth is that yes, and I am not ashamed, on the contrary, I am very proud to say that I saved, and I can send a message to the public about the importance of saving, of always having a little storage for when you need it. I’m not saying it with shame, because I did it to get ahead, and here I am.

Your show is uncensored, how are you going to deal with the so-called crystal generation? I tell that crystal generation once they don’t even go see the show. They are not invited, it is not for them, it is not for sensitive people, it is aimed at very open-minded people who want to have fun, enjoy life, who do not want to get bitter, cause controversy and who simply want to laugh.

Have you made many enemies for this? I think so. A comedian now has more enemies than a criminal, a murderer or a rapist; Sometimes they even see them as idols, and comedians, who only want people to laugh, make ourselves enemies.

Does this affect you? No not at all.

Have you ever felt censored or have you censored yourself? Yes, many times I have engaged in self-censorship. There are things that I think and do not say, comments or opinions that I prefer to keep quiet.

Because of fear? No, just out of respect. You were on the verge of death, what were those moments of introspection like? Very rare! I was very scared, I thought I was going to die, I said goodbye to my wife and I swore that I was not going to wake up, I even left my will, which I had already made before the pandemic. In the critical night that I lived I believed that I would not live anymore. I could no longer breathe, I felt very tired, my heart was no longer working due to myocarditis caused by COVID-19. Everything made me tired, even moving a finger, my heart no longer worked. I had been in the hospital for two days that my heart swelled, and if it hadn’t deflated, I would have died.

What did you say to your wife when you said goodbye? All I remember is that she grabbed my hand and I fell asleep. When I woke up it was all very strange, because I felt that I was in a dream, I realized that my breathing was a little normal and that I could take the air. Free.

Did life give you another chance? Yes, weeds never die. I am very grateful to God and life for not having died; I love living, it felt very ugly to think that I was going to die, I said that it was not the time yet.

How are you currently feeling? Well. I do not suffer from the heart, it was only an inflammation of the myocardium, but I no longer have any sequelae. I am one hundred percent.

When you are not Platanito, are you just as smiling? No, Sergio is very different. It is very rare that he is making jokes, I am very serious, he is a totally different personality.

How are you doing as a DJ? Well, I got back to music after 30 years, and I even certified as a professional DJ, that’s what saved me financially in the pandemic, because I played and did Platanito DJ shows, although there are people who criticize me and say that I can’t be a DJ.