“I take sides with Ingrid”: Charly Lopez confirms that she does not speak to her son

Time has passed and it does not seem to help solve the lack of communication between Charly López and his son Emiliano, who have not spoken to each other for a year and a half. Garibaldi’s member confirmed the situation but understands his son.

Everything happened after the lawsuit filed by Ingrid Coronado against Charly, whose son preferred to support his mother. At least that’s what Lopez confirmed: “It is because of a situation that does not correspond to him, which the lady caused after 18 years, which is unreal. Emiliano, like a good son, and it seems correct to me, took sides with his mother. The wrong thing is that I have no right of reply.”

Charly assured that he has open arms for his son: “He will be my son for life. I expect a call from him. My phone is 24 hours a day… (he showed that he has a photo of the young man on his cell phone) He always I bring, he is the love of my life, but I can’t beg him for love either”.

“He has to understand that it’s a mom and dad issue, we’ll fix it, and he, well, let him talk to me and make his decision. He’s a very intelligent adult, he’s a good guy. In his own time, but I can’t force him either.”

What was the lawsuit about?

Ingrid Coronado sued Charly López to demand the payment of rent and half of the house they shared when they were married, in addition to accusing him of physical, sexual and psychological violence.

Meanwhile, the former Garibaldi stressed that it did not seem fair to him “because if all this had happened 17 years ago, why didn’t he sue me? Why isn’t there a complaint before the Public Ministry?” The presenter said that he had already paid Ingrid for the house, but he lost an important document.

Ingrid and Charly’s son confirmed the distance a few months ago, in an interview with ‘Ventaneando’.

“Right now I’ve been a little distant but I can only wish him the best in his projects,” said the young Emiliano, who said that “time will tell” if there would be a reconciliation.

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Ingrid Coronado confirmed in September 2022 that the case continues.

In a recent interview, Ingrid Coronado confirmed that her children have had no contact with Fernando del Solar’s family and that the boys are recovering after the irreparable loss of their father.

“I have no refusal, they make their decisions. They are very well, and I appreciate that they are such wonderful children,” said Ingrid, who confirmed that the lawsuit with Charly López is still in force in the courts.

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