I think AI is a threat when there is no creativity: Nortec

To the Mexican composer Ramón Amezcua, a member of the electronic music collective Nortec (Bostich+Fussible), artificial intelligence (AI), rather than a threat, seems like a tool to be used during human creation, without neglecting the organic. This was stated by the also known as Bostich, prior to their next presentation at the Vivo Sessions Festival, on July 29 at Supremo CDMX, in which they share the bill with Sussie4, Bonnz (Hello Seahorse!), Koco Midi and Abominablez, project of Abalone.

We have always been attentive to technological advances, new technologies, which give us new ideas and allow us, in some way, to be current. Do not close yourself to the past and continue to evolve, producing. We have never stopped. Each one of the albums reflects our environment, what we experience day by day.

I think AI is a threat when there is no creativity, when you want to take those tools to get ahead of your projects. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that AI is being used by everyone. If you go out with a project that uses AI, thousands of people will go out with that same project and you will not be able to compete or stand out with your style or your proposal. I am aware that AI is a super great tool, but when you use it for creativity and put the human side in whatever discipline it is.

In music, there are already amazing tools that make any genre you want. You can ask ‘make me a northern music with electronics or make me salsa with the voice of Michel Jackson’. There are no longer so many limits. The reality is to take that as a tool for a creative question and not as a final product, but to give it context, your style and your form. I think it’s the way things are going to survive, because the human side will never disappear.

We are going to have that sensitivity to detect the error or failure. In the future, everything will sound so equal and so perfect that, at the end of the day, what will call our attention is the human, someone who is playing badly or out of tune; we are going to like it more than something so perfect”, expressed Ramón Amezcua, better known as Bostich.