“I use the filters that I want”: Laura Zapata responds to criticism on Twitter

Laura Zapata had a meeting of friends with the plastic artist Eduardo Urbano, the writer and actress Liliana Abud, Carlos Piñar and Montserrar Rivera. The reason was the celebration of Piñar’s birthday and at some point during the meeting they decided to take a selfie to post on their social media accounts.

The image prompted a comment from a Twitter user who wrote: “How many filters did you put on that photo? They look like wax…”

Although the image was not published on Zapata’s account but on Eduardo Urbano’s, the actress decided to respond and categorically pointed out: “Those who we wanted, any other questions?”

Laura Zapata’s response sparked many other comments from her followers who praised the way she responded to the comment.

“You who pay attention to these insidious comments, riddled with poison and with the sole desire to undermine a happy life like yours. With or without filters you were, are and will be beautiful. An artist who delivers art to the world”, wrote one of Laura Zapata’s fans.

“We criticize the filters when we all put filters on their photos, even the most handsome or the ugliest put filters… even photos taken of plants or in the air are retouched, so relax, they are not the first or the last,” he wrote. another of his followers.

Currently, Zapata is preparing for the concert for the 50th anniversary of the OTI, in which he will resume a facet of an artist that he had somewhat forgotten: that of a singer.

In music, Laura accumulated several successes in the first stage of her career, including her participation in the 1980 OTI, in which she reached the final with the song “Le vino grande mi amor”.

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