“I want to fight”: Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo challenge each other live and will go into the ring

After staging another fight in public, Alfredo Adame He appeared in ‘Venga la alegría’ and ended up agreeing with his archenemy Carlos Trejo to finally face each other in a ring.

Adame’s new fight was with Carlos Trejo’s lawyer. In fact, the ghost hunter took the opportunity to make fun of his rival again, laughing out loud on social networks.

So Adame explained in ‘Venga la alegría’ what happened: “Alberto del Río said that he was going to set up the fight, that he had the stadium of the Sultanes de Monterrey. He says that he was talking to me, but it is not true because he never spoke. I was going to show signed contracts to inform the media that I had everything to do the fight. Trejo’s lawyer arrived and I yelled at them ‘don’t let him in, he wasn’t invited’. I start the press conference and I see which is behind”.

“I show all the papers and say ‘thank you very much to the media’, he stood up and said ‘I want to talk’. The fight didn’t happen because he said ‘I don’t want to fight Adame’. I pull away, let go and tell him ‘you’re a rat’. I asked them to remove them from the place. I want to fight, but the only solution is for them to sign the contract”, he explained.

But what Adame did not expect is that the TV Azteca program had Carlos Trejo linked in a video call, and there they began to agree for their long-awaited fight.

“I want to fight and the only solution is for him to sign the contract and get on board; He says that the restraining order and everything, but I tell them that the restraining order was removed a week before, but that he should sign the contract because last time I removed it and he did not comply,” said Alfredo Adame.

So Carlos Trejo challenged him: “I’m going to write you a check, you won’t be able to back down. I’m going to pay you the money just to give me the luxury of breaking your mother. The money is put by me and the businessman.”

“I am going to ask you, Flor, your program, the television station to be the intermediaries so that we carry out the fight and carry it out and finish it […] If Flor tells me that “it’s going” and that we do the fight, I put the businessman, you put yours and we reach an agreement and then you and I go up and without a referee, do you think it’s okay? “.

“I eat a taco with my tongue, pig,” Alfredo Adame replied, but he accepted the challenge and does not rule out donating the money from the fight to a foundation.