“I want to go to the doctor, I want my pills”: Bárbara Torres no longer wants to be in LCDFM

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Bárbara Torres has been characterized, during her participation in the reality show La casa de los famosos, for constantly exploding emotionally.

Some of her fans have even wondered if it would not be better for Barbara to prioritize her mental health over the game that offers 4 million pesos to the winner.

But there are also some who assume that their starts are part of the strategy. Inside the house, Sergio Mayer has become one of her biggest detractors, after Barbara lied to him when she told him that she had not nominated Emilio.

This caused a confrontation between Bárbara and Sergio in which the actress of Argentine origin and the Mexican actor and politician yelled at each other.

Mayer accused Barbara of “playing” the card on her emotional instability while she yelled at him that she had no proof of that.

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“I hope everyone nominates me and hopefully people don’t vote for me to leave the house now… I don’t want to be with that man.” Torres told Wendy after the altercation with Mayer.

Wendy recommended that she not make decisions for now, but Barbara insisted:

“They want to make me look like a daughter of… And they all hate me. Please, everyone nominate me and I will not ask anyone to vote for me. Get me out of here, I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Barbara’s comment again provoked the versions that the confinement has indeed generated emotional instability.

“I want to go out, I want to go to the doctor and get my pills, I want to be at home.”

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