“I was in the dark”: the day the ex Menudo Rawy Torres thought about taking his own life

Rawy Torres, former Menudo, spoke about the depression that almost led him to suicide (Photo: Instagram / @ rawytorres)

After having been a member of Slight, Rawy torres continues to uncover the dark moments he lived when leaving the group, which led him to a depression that almost took his life.

Rawy Torres, who rose to fame by joining Menudo after the departure of Ricky Martin, He recalled how his life was when he ended his relationship with the musical group, because on several occasions he has spoken about the emotional problems he had to face.

In an interview with First hand, some of the singers of the Puerto Rican group recalled the worst situations they experienced during their youth, but also about their tragedies as they become adults.

Torres, who is currently a former member, also talked about what members like him went through leaving the group and, after a few years, facing a deep depression That led to it even though it would be better to kill himself.

Rawy torres
Rawy, who was part of Menudo after the departure of Ricky Martin, spoke of the depression suffered by him and other members of the group (Photo: Instagram / @ cluboficialrawy)

“I, at some point, have lived times of despair, I also tell it in my book, in those moments of anxiety, depression, thoughts come where we do not value life. I don’t criticize anyone, I don’t point to anyone, I know what that feeling is, that’s why I say it again, it’s important to talk about it, “said the singer.

When the reporter asked if those thoughts were about ending his life, he accepted it and said that he reached that point, which is why he has decided not to criticize or point out anyone who has gone through a similar situation. “You don’t think, when you’re in that situation, you don’t think ‘I’m going to kill myself’, that’s not the thought, and I did think about it, I’m talking about moments when i was in the dark”He added.

Rawy also remembered his partner Anthony Galindo, better known as Daddyjoe, who he took his life just over a year ago.

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All the members of Menudo have gone through difficult times reaching adulthood and starting an individual career (Photo: Facebook / Curadas)

Torres recalled that Galindo died after the aftermath of a suicide attempt ended his life. He fell into a deep depression that was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic and what confinement was doing to his career. This situation was a painful surprise for all the members of Menudo.

Shortly after the death of Daddyjoe in October 2020 and the situations of verbal and sexual abuse that arose at that time, the Puerto Rican revealed that he did suffered from violence by his representatives within the group and witnessed what his colleagues lived through.

“The fact of having to work while sick, there is no other way to call it, that is abuse, they are not the appropriate or correct conditions. Secondly, a verbal abuse to discredit, to throw down a participation, an execution, that’s not the right thing to do.

The more than 30 members of the group experienced situations of violence that at some point they could no longer bear (Photo: Facebook / Fan de Menudo)

I don’t want to repeat the words to you, but if I’m going to give you a synonym, I’m going to tell you ‘you’re rubbish’, and along with that the demerit, ‘this does not work, what you did does not work’, we are going to say profanity, incorrect words, just the fact of saying ‘you do not work or you are not doing it well’ imagine this produces disappointment , sadness, discouragement “, revealed the interpreter in a talk for the program Windowing.

This type of behavior severely affected all the members of Menudo in all their generations, that is, more than 30 young people who later had to deal with the damage caused by having been treated with violent behavior, and which led some to take refuge in drugs.


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