Ibrahimovic’s spiritual retreat to recover from his serious injury: helicopter ride and life in the mountains

Zlatan Ibrahimovv He is one of the great scorers of recent decades. Close to turning 41, the Swede has just suffered a serious injury that keeps him off the pitch without being able to see action in the Milan shirt in Italy.

While continuing his recovery work after the operation on his left knee, the striker made a drastic decision. He boarded a helicopter with an unknown destination until he reached a mountainous area. She thus showed it through a video that she posted on her Instagram account.

With a music from the movie Gladiator as part of the edit, ibra He put together a summary of images in which he can be seen traveling to a lonely place where he stayed in a cabin. Another of the postcards that he spread is lounging on literal ones and then working out bare-chested. To finish, Zlatan chose to show how it is cooked in the middle of the mountain with a pot on the fire.

The Swedish forward traveled to a cabin to continue with his recovery

It must be remembered that at the end of last season, just before Milan became champion of Serie A after 11 years, it was Ibrahimovic himself who recounted the ordeal he had to go through due to the physical problems that afflict him since a time ago.

“DFor the past 6 months I have played without an anterior cruciate ligament in my left knee.. My knee has been swollen for 6 months. I have only been able to train with the team 10 times in the last 6 months. I have had more than 20 injections in 6 months. I have emptied the knee once a week for 6 months. Analgesics every day for 6 months. I hardly slept for 6 months due to pain. He had never suffered so much on and off the field”, he wrote on his social networks.

Beyond his situation, the former captain of the Sweden team does not have retirement in mind. He renewed his contract with Rossonero for one year until June 2023 with the intention of continuing in the race. A few days ago, in an interview he gave to La Gazzetta dello Sport gave details of how he evolves from his injury. “I will be back soon. I will not retreat, I will return and I will not give up. When I come back I will make myself known, I am going to come back in a violent way, ”said the attacker with his classic look.

The spiritual retreat of Ibrahimovc
Ibrahimovic lit the fire to cook in the mountains

In May, Milan AC reported that Zlatan underwent an arthroscopy on his knee that already had a program and indicated that the recovery time would be between seven and eight months. In that sense, everything would indicate that the Swedish I would be back after the World Cup in Qatarthat is, with the return of competitions in Europe by the beginning of 2023.


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