Ideas to improve the lighting in your kitchen

Every kitchen needs good light. The location of the lamps, the intensity of the color and the type of luminaires influence to take advantage of the environment

Improving the lighting in your kitchen with structures that are out of the ordinary will make it attractive.

Graduate the intensity

Not all corners of the kitchen require the same intensity. Warm light is advisable above the dining room table.

On the other hand, white or cold light helps to better visualize colors and to be alert when handling food and utensils.

So it’s better as a work light.

Select the correct light

Review the types of lamps and spotlights, so that the one chosen corresponds to the style of your kitchen and is functional.
Led, pendants, recessed, those, sconces or rails, footlights.

Divide the spotlights

The general light has to be constant and uniform, while the reinforcements are intended for areas such as the countertop, sink and stove.

The Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers suggests using an additional source that, if necessary, you can adjust and position.

light up the island

Many kitchens have islands that serve as a breakfast area and as a base for preparations.

You can hang decorative lighting or adjustable spotlights if you have a nearby wall.

Install lights on tall furniture

At the base of the raised furniture there is room for some points of light.

A technician would work the wiring to make the mount invisible. This kind of installation is known as spot lighting and it is common to put it with led strips.

light on the table

Ceiling lamps collaborate in creating a cozy atmosphere. The color temperature in the bulbs on the table ranges from 2700 to 3000 °K. Locate these luminaires at a height that does not interfere with the view of diners.

Take advantage of natural light

During the day, the windows are allies in the penetration of natural light. They make spaces look spacious and bring freshness. If you are planning a remodel, consider creating a window in the kitchen area.