Ilse and Mimi fire Amparín Serrano, original member of Flans, after surprise death

Although we did not see her on Flans’ debut album, Amparín Serrano was part of the project in its beginnings, for which the members Ilse and Mimi fired her before her surprise death on Friday, August 12.

Amparín was known as a businesswoman, creator of the Distroller brand, but in her youth she wanted to be a singer and actress. She was an original member of Flans when the concept was not a music group, but a TV show called Fans.

However, shortly before they left to record their debut album in Spain, they fired Amparín, and in his place came Ilse Olive. The singer thus wrote to fire her:

“Precious @amparinserrano ! You were directly responsible for me entering the place that would change my life forever !!! It was your particular sense of humor that excited me to live with you in that project of Marian’s sister to which they were inviting me to do a test…Flans? Marian showed me the pilots of the Flans program on videocassette and yes they were pure local jokes but with yours she would attack me with laughter! I only saw you 4 or 5 times personally and I was left with the desire that Let’s be friends and laugh at your wit. Enthusiastic fan me, of all your achievements! I repeat I saw you very few times and I feel somehow connected with you! I’m in shock, I’m in shock, I’m in shock! Amparin if we are all here to fulfill mission you ultra fulfilled !!!”.

Mimi also fired her with an emotional message: “@amparinserrano went ahead to dance with the stars, to draw the clouds, to sing with the little angels… born artist, fun like no one, crazy thanks to God, a unique woman who for an ephemeral moment was part of this adventure called Flans… always ready to say a snap and make you laugh, we shared a short time but she always remained tattooed in our history… I hug her family with all my love… her beautiful daughters Minnie and Camila, her mother Amparo, the father of her loves, @davidedwardwest and all the others who love her so much… happy trip dear Amparín… virgin please take good care of her ..”