Ilunga Makabu’s impressive record that would make Canelo Álvarez tremble

Ilunga Makabu’s impressive record that would make Canelo Álvarez tremble (Photo: Instagram/@ilungamakabu.official)

Eddy reynoso surprised locals and strangers during the 59th congress of the World Boxing Council (CMB), when you applied for permission for your ward, Canelo Alvarez, it could be measured with Ilunga Makabu in a challenge by cruising belt.

The confirmation opened the doors to the American contender to the fighter from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who has never fought in this region of the world and therefore was not well known in the local environment; however, he has numbers that make him a very dangerous fighter for anyone.

Despite his record of two knockout losses, occurred in 2008 during his professional debut and in 2016 for his first world title, the remainder is counted by victories and with a devotion to finishing the bouts before 12 rounds.

Ilunga Makabu - Boxer
Before facing Canelo Álvarez, Ilunga Mukaba will have to defend his title against the mandatory challenger, Thabiso Mchunu, in January 2022 (Photo: Instagram/@ilungamakabu.official)

The statistic that could put some fear or at least caution in the Mexican is regarding the percentage of knockouts that his victories have, since Of the 28 fights he has won, 25 were achieved by chloroform, which represents 89% of effectiveness to defeat with his opponent on the canvas.

This means that Canelo will face the rival with the highest percentage of knockouts in his victories since he made the leap to the highest stage of international boxing, because he will also do so in a division where he has never played and with the challenge of climbing about 14 kilos to be able to face combat.

Despite the fact that the two defeats of the Congolese of 1.83 meters were by knockout, one of his main virtues is in the power of his punch, since statistics indicate that he usually finishes them before the twelfth round.

Canelo Álvarez - Ilunga Makabu
Canelo Álvarez plans to face Ilunga Mukaba in May or June 2022 if the Congolese gets a good defense in January (Photos: Instagram @canelo / @ ilungamakabu.official)

Of these knockouts that he boasts Makabu, it stands out that only four were after the fifth roundTherefore, he does not wait for the fight to get old and he usually finishes his rivals before the middle of the fight, another fact to consider in Canelo’s strategy.

In order for this fight to occur satisfactorily, first Ilunga Makabu You will have to expose your belt in a compulsory way to Thabiso Mchunu, 33-year-old South African fighter who has the right to fight for the title due to his current ranking.

This Friday, November 26, it was announced that the fight is already arranged, through the promoter Don king, who stated that the two African fighters will face each other in Ohio, United States. This fight would mean the first of Makabu on American soil since his professional debut.

Ilunga Makabu - Boxer
Ilunga Makabu seeks to confirm the fight against Canelo Álvarez through the mandatory defense against Thabiso Mchunu (Photo: Instagram/@ilungamakabu.official)

This fight between Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu will be on January 29 and could count on the presence of Saul Alvarez near the ring, who would observe his next rival with whom he would seek to get into the boxing history books. Whoever wins could face the Mexican and take home one of the most lucrative bags of your career.

“This will be an action packed fight for the championship of the World Boxing Council and with a great fight on the horizon for the winner ”, he stated Don king after confirming the mandatory combat for the cruiser’s title CMB.

This fight arose because Mchunu “I did not want to miss the opportunity to challenge Makabu”, because he has never been crowned world champion before and also would have on the horizon the challenge of measuring himself against Saul Alvarez.


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