“I’m a mother hen”: Geraldine Bazán supports her little Elissa’s career

If we have not seen it on the screen lately, it is not due to lack of opportunities, simply, Geraldine Bazán made the decision to dedicate himself completely to his eldest daughter, Elissa marie, fruit of the relationship he had with Gabriel SotoWell, the 12-year-old girl needed your support now that she recorded the telenovela If we are left, in which she plays the protagonist’s daughter, Marcus ornellas. The actress tells us about her offspring taking off in the same company that she did in the early 90s.

How does it feel to see your little girl acting in such a successful novel? What can I tell you, I am a mother hen completely, because of her I am a mother, assistant, photographer, makeup artist, cheerleader, costume designer … The truth is that the pride of a mother is difficult to explain, and beyond anything else, seeing her as an actress I am very proud of her, she did this project in a very professional way, extremely dedicated to her scenes, to what she had to do, to study, and the truth is that everything was reflected in the final result, because her character has had a very good acceptance, in addition to the comments of all her colleagues, who supported her a lot, because this was her first big melodrama.

From what age did Elissa show an interest in acting? Well, she grew up watching her mom and dad do this; Since she was little she has been in the midst of cameras, photos, theaters, forums … then, she has become familiar. The first thing she did was because they invited her to be my daughter in a project, she liked it, although it was extremely green there.

Have you been preparing? When they called her to If they leave us, she was very focused, she had a coach who prepared her for each scene, but I feel like she always had the little worm. The thing is that since they were little they start when they like something, then Elissa, perhaps from the age of eight, became interested in all this in the middle, and now she wants to follow the path, although she knows that she must prepare much more; She is in the first year of secondary school, she wants to give herself completely to school, but without stopping preparing herself in acting.

It is repeating a pattern, because you were also a child actress … Sí, but they are different cases. Elissa has her own manager, her public relationsist; I am her mother and I support her in whatever she wants to do, and each person’s times are different. I started from a very young age, I did not stop working since I started; instead, she wants to take time to dedicate herself to school, she wants to look for projects in English, so there is no rush.

Have you made him see the good and the bad of this race? Sure, and she is an extremely mature girl for her age, and very intelligent; Obviously he is very aware of the dangers that exist, not only in social networks and in the middle, but also in life itself.

Coincidentally, If they leave us is the remake of another story that you did with the name of Victoria … Yes, there I played the eldest daughter of the main character (Victoria Ruffo). I used to tell Carlos Bardasano and the production from the beginning, and it made us laugh, because one, unintentionally, connects with certain moments and projects. It’s a very special story to me, and it’s lovely that my daughter’s first big novel is just a remake of that smash hit. In fact, my last soap opera before I became a mother was that one, and Elissa was born right after Victoria.

Do you have plans to do a soap opera or will you continue to rest? I am not resting. What happens is that people think that when you do not work in television it is because you are resting, but it is not like that, I have been doing other things, because during life you have to diversify, I am growing as an entrepreneur, also, developing a platform, together with partners, for content creators. Also as a mother, Elissa was in a novel this year, and I decided not to be in production because it was very difficult to be both on the forums at the same time; later, who takes her to her calls? But I’m enjoying this time, I’ve traveled a lot lately, and I think one also becomes more selective with projects.


The artist who played the role of Edith González as a child in the telenovela Wild Heart is in auditions for Corona de Tears 2, a production by José Alberto Castro that is taking shape to begin recordings in December. Geraldine would be in the casting to take the place of Adriana Louvier, who did not accept el Güero’s proposal because she was busy with other projects. It was through some photographs that he uploaded to Instagram stories that he was seen in the Image Design department next to Victoria Ruffo, the protagonist of this sequel.