“I’m not going to give them a penny!”: Laura Bozzo denies defeat in the lawsuit of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva

After avoiding an arrest warrant against her for a process initiated by the Mexican Treasury, the Peruvian driver Laura bozzo she says she is confident of justice and of being able to clear her name; He assured that what has to be paid will be paid, and confirmed that he seeks to reach an agreement with the tax authorities.

Likewise, he affirmed that despite the fact that a judge agreed with Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva Regarding his claim for non-pecuniary damage, defamation and discrimination, there is an appeal on his part in process, so that “I do not have to pay a single peso to Mr. (Gabriel Soto).” Regarding Irina Baeva, she explained that if her statements bothered her, “about what I considered, well, I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I apologize.”

In an exclusive interview with TV and novels, the controversial host shared that all the money she earned in Mexico she lost. She admitted that she was terrified of going to jail, and that being a fugitive from justice was the worst thing that could happen to her in life.

A federal judge signed the final suspension that prevents executing the arrest warrant against you, how did you get it? This is not that it has been achieved, it is the Mexican justice system, which acted in accordance with the law. To begin with, my case did not merit preventive detention; second, it is not a case for tax evasion, because I have paid taxes until this year. The problem was an audit in 2012, they deposited me in the United States because my daughters are American, they live there, but from there I brought the money here and kept it in a savings account, but I had no idea that in each transfer was to be charged a separate tax. So, this was basically due to this triple taxation that my accountants did not properly support before the SAT, and it caused me this misfortune, losing practically everything I had earned in Mexico in these years. It is unfortunate, but the law is the law.

You say that you lost practically everything you had earned in Mexico, what is your current financial situation? I have always said, since I was a child, that my wealth is in my talent, and that as long as I am healthy and can work, money is the least important thing, because I get it. So, although everything I earned in Mexico I have lost, absolutely everything, I had the blessing of having parents who left me some properties together with my brothers, and at this moment I am living on those rents that my sister sends me, why not I am working, I am close to presenting projects in different television networks, and to see what happens.

What did you do in these months that you were a fugitive from justice? I am not going to go into much detail because the people with whom I am seeing proposals for my series have asked me, but being a fugitive is the worst thing that happened to me in my life; from being the most important Hispanic driver (at a certain time, in the United States, here in Mexico and in all countries), to going underground. I don’t know how I survived, really, I don’t know.

How are you emotionally and in health at the moment? More or less, I’m not totally well, I try to exercise, to motivate myself … but there are times when I can’t get out of bed from the depression I have. However, I am fighting, I believe that one should never lose hope, and I am a born fighter, but I no longer want to be, at this point in my life I want to have a little peace, because my life has been crazy, a roller coaster, and I already want a little bit of tranquility; I’m no longer 20 years old, and I ask God to please stop testing me, because I can’t take it anymore.

It transpired that you lost the lawsuit that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva filed against you … What will you do with that matter? I don’t have to pay a single peso to the man (Gabriel Soto), but still, if Irina is bothered by my opinion on the El Gordo y la Flaca program, about what I considered, that she did not represent me as a woman Well, I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I apologize. I’m a Geraldine fan. The anger I had with her was because of what happened with Geraldine, and I must say, I am a fan of Geraldine, and many women like me shared that sentiment. I hope (Gabriel and Irina) are very happy, God bless them.

So you didn’t lose the lawsuit? No, there was an appeal. Look, what I want is to end all the processes; for the love of God, I want peace, I’m going to be a grandmother and I’m supposed to be a normal being, where have you seen a crazy grandmother? My life has to be different.

“Of course it will pay”

Laura Bozzo was emphatic and affirmed that Gabriel Soto will not be paid a peso, because he did not win the lawsuit where they accused the Peruvian driver of moral damage, defamation and discrimination. The actor’s lawyer, Gustavo Herrera, replied: “I want the right of reply to answer the inconsistencies that the lady is saying; as soon as the judge fixes the economic sentence, he will have to pay it and I will seize what he can, and they will see that he will pay ”.

After Laura Bozzo publicly reappeared giving interviews about her legal situation after having won an amparo not to be arrested for her problems with the Mexican treasury, she told various media that Gabriel did not win the lawsuit and that Irina offered an apology for your comments. As Gabriel and Irina’s lawyer explained that “it seems that his pride has not been taken away after what he lived; according to what he had already become very humble ”. And he added: “I have a statement he made on television where he acknowledges the mistake he made against Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva,” so he said he was confident that Laura Bozzo will pay for the damage to his clients.