Imagen TV host orders Maxine Woodside removed in interview with Noel Schajris


Argentine singer Noel Schajris was promoting his new song, Siempre lo supe, when two well-known journalists who are in a public dispute came face to face.

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Noel and Maxine


Imagen TV host orders Maxine Woodside removed in interview with Noel Schajris

Silvia Pinal


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These are Maxine Woodside and Joanna Vega-Biestro, who showed that friction continues on the surface.

Joanna was interviewing Noel at the same time that Maxine was arriving at the Reforma hotel where the junket was taking place.

The public relations specialists did not see any problem in making the so-called “Queen of the radio” enter the room where Vega-Biestro was, however, the host of Imagen Televisión became uncomfortable and with signs ordered Woodside to be removed so she could continue with her work. .

Maxine, for her part, left the place without saying a word and waited outside for her turn. When Joanna finished she tried as much as she could to avoid Woodside.

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He left the place, ignoring the announcer and not even saying “hello” was said. An uncomfortable silence took over the place where other journalists were waiting for the interview with the interpreter.

Problems between the two arose in December when Joanna defended Ana María Alvarado in the middle of the television program, who at that time argued that Maxine fired her after 30 years without liquidating her.

“Anita, a favor, explain to Joanna Vega Biestro why you are only coming one day a week, because she says she doesn’t understand, but tell her that my son’s death has nothing to do with it.”said Maxine, starting a confrontation that made her an enemy of the presenter who participated in the galas of La casa de los famous México.