Images showing that the rocket that hit Al-Ahli hospital was launched from Gaza

The Israeli military said Tuesday that the explosion that killed hundreds of Palestinians at a Gaza hospital was due to a failed rocket launch by the group’s militiamen Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) toward Israel. In addition, he released several videos and images that demonstrate that the shots were fired from inside the Strip.

Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), assured that “multiple intelligence sources indicate that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed launch of the rocket that hit the hospital.”

“An analysis of the Israeli Army’s operational systems indicates that terrorists fired a volley of rockets in Gaza that passed very close to the Al Ahli Hospital at the moment it was hit”The Israeli military spokesman said in a statement.

Infographic with data taken by the IDF radar on the origin of the shots that hit the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza

Shortly after, the same source noted that “after new investigations and cross-analysis, it is clear that the Israel Defense Forces did not bomb the hospital in Gaza.”

A military statement also denounced that “terrorist organizations within the Gaza Strip fire indiscriminately towards Israel” and detailed that, Since the beginning of this war 11 days ago, “approximately 450 rockets fired towards Israel have fallen into Gaza, endangering and harming the lives of its residents.”

This afternoon, some 2,000 civilians were taking refuge in the hospital, belonging to the Anglican Church and in the center of Gaza City, when an explosion killed at least 200 people in what is the largest massacre in the Strip after five wars between Palestinian militias and Israel since 2008.

In past war escalations, Palestinian terrorists launched rockets at Israel that fell inside Gaza, and according to Israel and local media, Islamic Jihad launched projectiles that even killed Palestinians in previous clashes, although there is no precedent for projectiles that caused hundreds of deaths. like today.

Islamic Jihad is the second group with the largest military strength in Gaza after Hamas, and in August 2022 and May 2023 it fought alone against Israel in two war escalations lasting several days.

This Tuesday’s massacre in Gaza occurs hours before the planned visit to Israel tomorrow of the American president, Joe Biden, who until now has closed ranks with Israel and supported “its right to defend itself.”

(With information from EFE)