IMAGES. They show that Rautel “N” took Ariadna’s body out of her building

A sequence shown this afternoon by the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum shows the moment in which Rautel N carries Ariadna’s body.

Ariadna was reported missing on October 30 and two days later her body was found on the side of the free highway to Cuernavaca, in Morelos, by cyclists.

The Morelos Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that, according to its investigations, Ariadna died of severe aspiration, due to the drunken state in which she was.

However, the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office took the investigation along a completely different line, since it ensures that Ariadna shows signs of violence.

Rautel N, who together with his girlfriend Vanesa N, went out with Ariadna to a restaurant in the Condesa neighborhood and then went to his apartment on Campeche street, first assured that Ariadna had left the apartment on her own. .

He even attended Ariadne’s funeral. But the images released by the head of government of Mexico City show that Rautel N carrying the body of who is allegedly Ariadna. According to this investigation, Ariadna died in the apartment and was then taken in Rautel N’s car along with his girlfriend to be thrown on the road.

Sheinbaum assures that the Morelos prosecutor wanted to hide this evidence due to his links with the alleged feminicide.