In Germany they say that a secret operation to kill Putin failed

Vladimir Putin (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

Agents of the Ukrainian secret services They tried to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. with a kamikaze drone loaded with explosives, as reported by the German newspaper Bildbased on sources linked to kyiv intelligence.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was launched from Ukraine on Sunday and intended to crash into the Rudnevo industrial parknear Moscow, where Putin was scheduled to visit.

As reported Bildthe drone was a UJ-22 model that apparently carried 17 kilos of C4 plastic explosives in 30 blocks. Several Russian media reported on the impact of an unmanned device a few kilometers from its presumed target. The model has a range of 800 kilometers range, and Rudnevo is 500 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

The drone that crashed on Ukrainian territory (photos: via Bild)

If the device loaded with explosives had reached its destination, it would not have resulted in the death of the Russian president, who will only make his visit this Thursday.

A Putin propagandist, Paval Zarubin, had indicated on Sunday that Putin was planning to “visit an industrial park in Moscow”, without giving any time. Videos on social media showed the lawn of the Rudnevo industrial estate painted green, apparently to prepare for Putin’s arrivalso it is possible that the head of the Kremlin has canceled his appearance at the last minute.

Ukrainian activist Yuriy Romanenko, who claims close ties to kyiv’s intelligence services, alleged that the assassination attempt was based on “information” received by Ukrainian intelligence agents.

Romanenko tweeted: “Last week our intelligence officers received information about Putin’s trip to the Rudnevo industrial park. Consequently, our kamikaze drone took off, which flew over all the air defenses of the Russian Federation and crashed not far from the industrial park”.

The impact site is in the village of Voroskogo, about 20 kilometers east of the Rudnevo industrial park.

explosive charge packages
There were 30 blocks of C4 plastic explosives (via Bild)

Although kyiv has not yet officially commented on the claims of BildUkraine expert Sergej Sumlenny told the German newspaper: “It is clear that a precision strike against the Russian head of state with a kamikaze drone is almost impossible. But the mere fact that such a drone arrives at a place where Putin plans to stay is a slap in the face for the Russian dictator”.

Russian state media did not mention the drone incident in its report on Putin’s visit to the Rudnevo industrial park, during which he was scheduled to hold a meeting precisely on the development of drone systems.

The failed assassination attempt may have implications for the security of the Russian executive, according to Romanenko. “Given how obsessed Putin is with his own security, this story could have huge implications for the Kremlin’s towers.“, said.

According to various intelligence sources, Putin has feared assassination since before his invasion of Ukraine, and especially after assassination squads were sent into Ukraine to eliminate President Volodimir Zelensky in the early days of the conflict.

Putin has previously claimed that he has escaped numerous assassination attempts. In 2017, Putin told filmmaker Oliver Stone that there had been five assassination attempts on him. He claimed that he personally looks after his own safety and that he travels with his own sniper squad, whose role is to track down any shooter and kill him before he can pull the trigger on Putin.

The use of drones in targeted killings presents a new challenge for intelligence agencies and governments around the world. The development of drone technology has made it easier for individuals and groups to launch deadly attacks with minimal risk to themselves.

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