In legal dispute with Martín Bello, Diego Boneta could face a penalty that includes prison

In case of Martin Bello against Diego Boneta It persists, and the actor assures that he continues to suffer havoc from the aggression that occurred during the recordings of a violent scene in ‘Luis Miguel, the series’, where they both worked.

In an interview with Sale el sol, Martín Bello explained: “I cannot lie down on the sofa again because the moment I can lie down, the lump that rises in my neck becomes inflamed, and the next day I am sick. The arm sometimes falls asleep a little and that feeling of cushioning in the face ”.

These injuries are the basis of the legal procedure with which they will seek that, who is responsible, responds by criminal means. The actor’s lawyer explained: “These injuries we are going to work on in the criminal case to determine if they are intentional or negligent. What does that mean? Verify if it was done with the intention, effectively to harm Martín or in his case, some kind of negligence, fault or inexperience “.

In addition, they will proceed through civil proceedings against the producer, against Netflix “and the people who are jointly and severally liable to take charge of the injuries they generated. We are also going to sue the producers and assistants and everyone who participated in that scene, Since it was not in the libretto, in the libretto that Martín agreed to interpret, that scene was not there ”.

Lawyer Ignacio Trimarco detailed that Diego Boneta would have the possibility of going to jail, because It is a crime “that would carry a prison sentence, they are serious injuries, which to this day, a year and a half, Martín continues to suffer the consequences, then, it is a penalty that can lead to an effective prison sentence. When the judge rules, he may have any of the options provided by the code in his case, but prison is one of them. “

Diego Boneta had already spoken about it:

Diego Boneta finally spoke out about the accusations and the lawsuit plans of the actor Martín Bello, after accusing him of hitting and hurting him during a scene from Luis Miguel’s bioseries.

In an interview for ‘Ventaneando’, the young actor told Linet Puente: “It’s something that makes me sad, I don’t have much to say about it, those of us who were present when we filmed the scene, believe me I’m a pretty careful person when it comes to stunts, especially since I’ve already been hurt in stunts. , and I have made many movies that require that, the care of the production and everything specifically for that scene was very high, and I remember that Martín did not want to put protections, and nothing was a surprise for me, really “.

“He came off the perfect set,” Diego insisted, so he said that the attitude of his colleague surprised him: “If I was especially disappointed in him, but what do you want me to say?”

Last June, when we made the case known to you, the production of the bioseries was pronounced regarding the situation through a statement: “The health and safety of our actors have always been our priority. During the recreation of an ESSENTIAL scene in the series, Señor Bello received assistance both in rehearsals and filming, by an expert stunt coordinator Unfortunately, despite having PROTECTIONS on his back and elbows, Mr. Bello was injured. He received immediate medical attention and adequate subsequent follow-up. “

On June 21, Martín Bello spoke with TV and novels, this is how we publish it:

You claim that you received some blows during the filming, at what moment did it happen? “This was in the scene in which I tell Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) what happened with his mother. We had rehearsed the scene, but in the end, Diego Boneta really hit me and sent me to the hospital.

Why didn’t they use a stunt double for that violent scene? “Because the director presented the scene to us in a calmer way, everything was marked and agreed in a different way than it really happened.

Did Diego Boneta hit your face and neck? “Yes, and the back. It is that they cut the scene, but imagine that we repeated it like 10 times.

It was a lot of repetition, right? “What happened is that it didn’t work out.

After the cut, did you approach Diego to tell him that he caused you an injury? “When I finished the scene I went to my camper, and when I took off my clothes I saw the bruises, I immediately went to makeup and wardrobe so that they could see me, I told them what this boy did to me in the scene, and they did not give credit to what had happened. That night I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. When this happened I told Diego to invite me to dinner and we could fix it, but he wasn’t able to even that; what I asked for were tacos, I wasn’t asking for something ostentatious .