In SLP, the state poetry contest was successfully held

“The state poetry contest in tribute to Pablo Neruda, organized by the Antorchista Movement of Potosí, was successfully held,” this was announced by Sergio Xochiapa, head of the Cultural Commission in the state.

He said that the event took place in the auditorium of the Camilo Arriaga Normal School (ENCA), where more than 25 declaimers gathered for this poetic fair, honoring the revolutionary poet Pablo Neruda, 50 years after his death.

“Ode to poverty”, “Poem 20”, “The boat”, “Poetry”, “Don’t ask me for it”, “Ode to Lenin”, “The enemies”, “The condor”, among others; were some of the poems recited by the participants.

Laura Patricia Silva Celis, representing the State Committee of Potosí, and president of the qualifying jury, in her speech, urged the participants to continue practicing and perfecting the beautiful art of the word, because “poetry is the word artistically combined with other words.” words to make or to provoke in man the most beautiful feelings, the deepest or highest emotions.”

Likewise, they gave the results of the winners:
Children’s Category:
1st. Location: Gretell Ileana Bautista de la Cruz
2nd. Location: Romina Anaya Ramírez
3rd. Place Mariana Aurora Ramírez Morales
Youth Category “A”:
1st. Place: Vanesa Jazmín Flower Paintings
2nd. Location: Meredith Gisell Córdova Dávila
3rd. Location: Ximena Guadalupe Ibarra Torres
Youth category “B”
1st. Location: Ramiro Nahum Paz Ramos
1st. Location: Irma Marina Ramírez González
2nd. Location: Sofia Guadalupe Ortega Canizales
3rd. Location: Valeria Hernández Antonio

For Antorcha, culture is a way to raise awareness among the people, and for them to, in turn, acquire the skills to analyze the reality of the economic, political and social environment in which they live and develop; critically analyze reality, and be an active and conscious factor in your own development. He reiterated, Sergio Xochiapa.