In the thousand-year-old festival of fire, Iranian women burned veils and protested against the Khamenei regime

Iran lived last night new protests during the millennial fire festivalprior to the Persian New Year, in which they shouted once more “woman, life, freedom” and the end of the Islamic Republic.

The party of “Charshanbe Suri” It has Zoroastrian roots and is celebrated by Iranians by jumping and dancing around bonfires to bring good fortune in the Persian New Year which begins on March 21.

Last night, young Iranians took advantage of this 1,700-year-old pre-Islamic holiday to revive protests sparked by the September death of Mahsa Amini after being arrested for not wearing the hijab properly.

In addition to jumping over bonfires, some women threw their veils into the fire shouting “woman, life, freedom”, according to videos shared by activists on social networks.

They also danced with their hair in the air in cities like Tehranto the applause of those present.

In addition to the capital, there were protests in cities such as Kamyaran, Rasht, Karaj or Gorgan.

The new signs of social discontent occurred after the call by activists to take to the streets again and revive some protests that have practically disappeared as a result of a repression that has caused almost 500 deaths and for which four protesters have been hangedone of them in public.

Faced with the announcement of new protests, the authorities did not hesitate to warn the public and announce the deployment of police officers.

The police chief of the Tehran region, Abbas Ali Mohammadianannounced yesterday that it would deploy agents throughout the capital to deal with “those who disturb the peace.”

Amini’s death in police custody after being arrested for not wearing her headscarf sparked biggest protests in decades against the Islamic Republicled by young people shouting “woman, life, freedom”, with a marked feminist tone.

The demonstrations have practically disappeared, but many women continue their fight leaving their long hair in the air, in a gesture of disobedience to laws that they consider unfair.

(With information from EFE)

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