Inauguration of the Plural Feminine exhibition

The exhibition shows the constant struggle of women

They inaugurated the Femino Plural exhibition in the March 8 framework at the Perimetral Gallery of Parque Morales, a photographic work by seven renowned photographers that will last until March 26, among the artists are: Amanda Bouchenoire, Aída López, Ana Karen Flores, Cecilia Guerrero, Fernanda Solis, Marcela del Muro and Norma Rivera.

The exhibition is made up of photographs of the constant struggle of women at different stages, showing their resistance and resilience in the face of inequality and inequity from various contexts.

Marcela del Muro, on behalf of the 7 exhibiting photographers, said that the exhibition is a documentary, artistic and journalistic exhibition that gives visibility to other women, who are immersed in everyday scenarios, resistance, pain and dignity. , portraits of women from a Mexico full of color and complexity.

This photographic exhibition is a journey through the Mexican territory: from the Zapatista women in Chiapas who fight to resignify the social structure in a capitalist world, through the gaze of Ana Karen Flores; going through the dignity of the indigenous women of the community of Nanayatla, Hidalgo, in the eyes of Cecilia Guerrero; even the women from San Luis Potosí who demand respect for their rights and a stop to violence, in the eyes of Aída López Castro.

Women who have woven communities from their knowledge, their struggles, their care and a diversity of chores: workers who fulfill a double work day and care, portrayed by Fernanda Solís; women who fight for decent and equitable jobs, from the perspective of Norma Rivera; artists who build new realities from creativity, photographed by Amanda Bouchenoire; and women looking for their missing loved ones, from the vision of Marcela Del Muro.

This exhibition reflects the stories of women with battles won, deep pain, fear and constant work to navigate a country full of nonsense; where the only hope to get out of violence and dignify life is based on the community between women.