Indiana wants to be able to convey emotions to the world with her music

He is recently promoting his first single titled “Nightfall”

The 22-year-old Venezuelan model and DJ, Indiana Valentina de Jesús Montezuma García, better known in the artistic world as Indiana, currently based in Colombia, spoke of the birth of her first single entitled “Nightfall”.

“It’s a feeling, you can close your eyes and listen to it and imagine the place you like the most and you can feel the music as love, fun, and curiosity, a mixture of three emotions.”

The model in training, very talented in music, passionate about nature and beauty, starting in the artistic world in 2016, @valartmr commented that she would like to collaborate with the Colombian model, businesswoman, DJ and publicist Natalia París or the mermaid 69.

Of the difficulties she has had to face, Indiana mentioned “a little, but the truth is that I always believe that what is done with passion and love always brings good results, a lot of perseverance, even though I have not had much support, I have a team of people who believe in me 100% and that is enough”.

@valartmr stated that the song that represented a watershed in his career was obviously “Dancefloor Inferno’, it has a lot of chemistry with the public, it can surround you with many emotions when listening to it, and it separates a before and after in my career.”

When talking about his creation process, Indiana stated “usually when I am anywhere, I try to sit down and have a coffee and smoke a cigarette, while I observe people, nature, I like it a lot, it inspires me a lot, from 6 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning I get creative, my mind kind of activates at that time, I really like to be inspired by people, or places, even at home if I am alone with my dog ​​I am very inspired by their energy, I love animals.” “When I find inspiration, a melody immediately comes to mind, it’s incredible.”

The highlight of his proposal, @valartmr argued that it is harmony. “I think that I am finding myself in the harmony of my proposal, and that makes me connect with other people, and that is how they also find themselves”.

To conclude, Indiana emphasized that his goal is to continue creating and growing, doing what he loves and being able to transmit emotions to the world through his music.