Indirect shipping? Claudia Martin draws attention after her ex’s wedding with Maite Perroni

Before the wedding of Maite Perroni with Andrés Tovar, the spotlights pointed to the reaction of Claudia Martin, the ex-wife of the television producer. And it is that the three starred in a scandal that pointed to the exRBD as the alleged third in discord.

So now that they were married, a message that the Televisa actress shared attracted attention. In English, the phrase read: “Don’t worry too much, everything will fall into place.”

This is the image Claudia shared on her Instagram Stories. Was it indirect?

In the program ‘First hand’ they commented on the matter. Gustavo Adolfo Infante recalled the rumor that Andrés Tovar had been unfaithful to Claudia Martin with Maite Perroni.

So Lalo Carrillo assured: “I think it is unnecessary for Claudia to publish this message, because if time has passed and you have another relationship, I think it is time to forgive. If they did, or they did not, your life continues. Because it was evident that everyone was going to be on the lookout, just in these three days, to see what he put or what not (on his social networks). I think it was not necessary. ” Gustavo finished: “Yes, there was also plenty.”

Meanwhile, Claudia traveled with her boyfriend Hugo Catalán, who is more than in love with the actress.

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