Influencer starves to death by following a diet of only fruits

An influencer of Russian origin died a few days ago after following a strict fruit-based diet for several years. According to the information consulted, the woman died of starvation in Malaysia, a country where she had lived for approximately five years and shared her life as a vegan on social networks.

The influencer was identified as Zhanna D’Art, who promoted the vegan lifestyle on her social networks because she thought that this type of diet has advantages for people because it helps them stay healthy, in addition to being sustainable for the environment. atmosphere.

During the last five years, this vegan influencer began a fruit-based diet, so she only ate hamburgers, salads, and soups made with these products. Apparently, the woman was not getting enough nutrients on this diet, which caused her to have health problems.

“I see how my body and my mind are transformed every day, I love the new me and I will never go back to the habits I used to wear,” the influencer who died on July 21 wrote on social networks.

It should be noted that the influencer received harsh criticism due to her appearance, as some users pointed out that she could promote eating behaviors that can be harmful to the health of her followers, in addition to causing eating disorders.