Influencer tattooed the face of his unfaithful partner on his face

The couple formed a family that they longed for so much, but their partner was unfaithful repeatedly with another woman

The tiktoker Narally Najm went viral for tattooing a portrait of her ex-partner, Laura, on her face after they ended the relationship and even after catching her being unfaithful.

Narally recently had a son, who they both planned to raise in a house they had bought, but the infidelity was exposed, as he cheated on her even when she was in labor.

“He caught me and I told him it wouldn’t happen again. But she doesn’t want to be with me,” Laura told Mirror.

Narally assured that he got the tattoo hoping that his partner would come back and they could start a family. She later appeared with more images on her neck, arm, and the name “Laura” on her forehead.

Internet users say that in total he has had six tattoos on his ex-wife. It is unknown if it is for revenge, forgiveness or obsession. But the truth is that from now on the situation surrounding both girls is getting worse and worse.

Their separation was imminent, but they remained in contact for their common son. However, the behavior of Narally Morales began to attract the attention of Internet users because a few days after the breakup, in addition to getting a tattoo on Laura’s face, he published a series of videos implying that he missed her and that he would return to House. As if that weren’t the worst, she announced to her son that she would have a “little sister” so that her ex-wife would return with them.

Currently, both on her TikTok account and on her YouTube profile, she uploaded the first three of 10 parts where she will narrate how the relationship she had with Laura Najm led her to “absolute destruction.” Internet users both on Twitter and TikTok question whether all this drama was staged with the intention of gaining more followers.

Some hope that this is the case since it involves the mental health of these two women and the physical well-being of a minor.