Influencer who underwent leg lengthening surgery is experiencing a stormy recovery

The influencer who paid $175,000 to undergo an “unbearable” limb-lengthening operation is experiencing an agonizing recovery.

Yefesron Cossio, a 29-year-old Colombian, who underwent surgery four months ago to go from 1.76 meters in height to 1.82 through a traumatic leg extension, is experiencing torment due to the unbearable pain he has suffered since then as part of his recovery.

The young man revealed that he has spent many sleepless nights due to a paralyzing pain.

«I am going to check that everything is okay to undergo another operation on January 25. I’m very nervous, I want this to end, but it’s not possible yet. I’m not sleeping well right now. “I normally sleep four to six hours a day,” he said through his social networks.

Yeferson underwent limb-lengthening surgery, which involved breaking his legs, implanting metal rods and slowly stretching them.but as the rods slowly separated his bones to stretch them, the pain became so intense that he feels like he is going to collapse and is desperate to get the rods off.

“The last 11 or 12 days I have only been able to sleep for about two hours at most, and that is constantly interrupted for periods of 15 to 20 minutes due to the pain in my legs. I have tried sleeping pills, but they don’t work, the pain wakes me up and I feel devastated,” he said.

“Maybe there will come a point where my body will collapse and I won’t be able to bear the pain or anything anymore.”

Doctors had warned Yeferson that his recovery could take more than four months and told him he would have to give up most of his activities. typical daily meals until he recovered.

Four months later, Yeferson has visited his doctor several times to help manage the pain in his legs. Her specialist is now considering lengthening the influencer’s tendon to alleviate the discomfort.

Yeferson, who has modeled for Calvin Klein was not happy with his height of 1.76 cm and wanted to be a little taller and He admitted that he was motivated by purely cosmetic reasons.

Cossio, who has 11 million followers on Instagram, said: “I’m very nervous, I want this to end, but it’s not possible.”

Although it is expensive, plastic surgeons estimate that the number of men undergoing this surgery has doubled in recent years.