Infobae in Israel: a secret visit to the Iron Dome, the defense system that destroys missiles launched by Hamas

The Iron Dome operating near Tel Aviv destroys a missile launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip (AMIR COHEN/)

(Special envoy to Tel Aviv, Israel) Hours after raping, torturing, kidnapping and murdering hundreds of Jews, the terrorist organization Hamas launched nearly 3,000 missiles from the Gaza Strip towards Tel Aviv, targeting the most populated neighborhoods of this city and specific military units linked to the provision of weapons, logistics and intelligence. These rockets did not cause a single death, nor did they damage Israel’s warfighting capacity for the effectiveness of the Iron Dome: a defense system that reacts in seven seconds from the moment it is confirmed that an enemy missile entered Israeli territory.

The 3,000 missiles launched by Hamas that bloody Saturday multiplied with the days. And the Iron Dome worked tirelessly – day and night – to prevent a Hamas rocket from causing a tragedy in a neighborhood in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. This defense system has 10 Iron Domes that move according to the attack trend that the terrorist organization traces every time it fires a missile from Gaza.

Two days ago a WhatsApp message arrived from a military advisor who meets every day with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. In Hebrew it said: “Come.” And next came a location on Google Maps that marked a road with no exact address. It was early morning and it was pouring rain when the taxi dropped off the team. Infobae at a railway crossing located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

“Do not take off your vest and helmet under any circumstances, you can only take the photos that we are going to authorize and “Turn off cell phones so there is no possibility of locating us.”explained an Israeli army officer who was in charge.

Israel - Palestine Conflict Coverage - Iron Dome - October 2023
A field in the middle of nowhere and the Iron Dome alerts against the missiles launched by Hamas from the Gaza Strip (Lihueel Althabe/)

Two teenage soldiers armed with short pistols asked for our passport, checked our identity and let us pass to a mobile military unit deployed on a wasteland that the storm transformed into a quagmire. An officer with glasses appeared there and explained the case.

“Hamas launches a missile at us and we launch others that deflect the enemy rocket. It is an effective system that is active 24 hours a day and the weather conditions do not matter: it can rain like today, or the sun rises like it happened last week,” explained the officer, who chose to remain anonymous.

Israel - Palestine Conflict Coverage - Iron Dome - October 2023
The Israeli army officer who explained to Infobae how the Steel Dome works (Lihueel Althabe/)

The Iron Dome began its development in 2007, operational tests were carried out in 2010 and it was approved a year later. It detects missiles launched at a maximum range of 70 kilometers and allows their complete trajectory to be predicted. This defense capacity serves to alert public opinion up to a minute in advance.

When you arrive in Tel Aviv, assuming that the war will involve thousands of rockets, Army officials recommend downloading a free application called Tzofar. This application reports in real time where the missiles are falling and in what quantity.

Israel - Palestine Conflict Coverage - Iron Dome - October 2023
The Iron Dome is a defense system that allows detecting a missile and determining its final trajectory (Lihueel Althabe/)

If one had to take an average of the last few hours, the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were the targets chosen by the Hamas terrorists.

The system works, but it is not infallible. During the secret visit to the military camp located a few kilometers from Tel Aviv, it was reported that the beginning of the war will imply that Hamas will multiply its launches from Gaza and that the war capacity of Hezbollah, the terrorist faction that operates in Lebanon, could be added. under direct orders from Iran.

Hezbollah has a larger arsenal than Hamas and has already proven its effectiveness in northern Israel. This fundamentalist organization receives missiles from Tehran and Israeli intelligence believes it has more than 10,000 rockets hidden in southern Lebanon.

The Iron Dome is a critical weapon for Israel’s defense, and its success in intercepting rockets launched by Hamas terrorists is a key asset for the Israeli military.