Infobae in Israel: irrefutable evidence of crimes against humanity committed by Hamas

(Special envoys to Tel Aviv, Israel) The message in English was dry and protocol: “We invite you to a report on the evacuation and the identification process of the victims murdered in the massacre in southern Israel.” The report would be presented by the Israel Defense Forces (FDI) and the address of the secret appointment sent by WhatsApp did not have a defined number. In the middle of an unexpected storm in Tel Aviv, a taxi driver who was talking to his mother on the phone finally agreed to take us on a route heading towards Jerusalem. The trip ended in a barracks called Shura Base, and from there it was proven that Joseph Conrad was right when he wrote Heart of Darkness: Human nature is capable of committing aberrant acts that cannot be explained by reason.

At the door of the barracks, an Israeli soldier who was not older than 20 explained that there were specific rules to follow. She couldn’t walk alone Shura Basea doctor would explain the autopsies she had performed on the bodies of Hamas victims, and at the end of the exhibition a rabbi would describe the bodies abused – again and again – by terrorists financed by Iran.

Captain Marion during her technical explanation on the systematic human rights violations committed by Hamas during its terrorist attack on Israel

In a courtyard of the military base, flanked by containers with signs painted in Hebrew, the captain appeared Dr. Marion (for security reasons his last name is preserved). Freckled and of average height, close to 30 years old, Marion approached the explanation in a professional tone and firm gaze. She seems poised, tough. But that image melted in just a minute: the captain doctor described what Hamas terrorists had done with children, young people, adults and old people, regardless of whether they were Jews, Catholics, Muslims, civilians or military personnel.

This is the testimony of Captain Dentist Marion:

-“What we do is identify victims, identify bodies and the bodies that come here, that arrive here are soldiers, our officers, and mainly civilians. What we do is identify them and prepare them for funerals. We make the identification with all the means at our disposal. We prepare them for burial in whatever way and from whatever religion they are; we give them the respect and we give them the ultimate respect that they deserve. And we do it if they are Jews, if they are Muslims, if they are Christians. It’s not an easy job, and we do it day and night.

-Families come to say their last goodbye to their loved ones. While we identify the bodies, we hear the crying and the screams of the women, and of the children who lost their parents and of the parents who lost their children. We see a severe state of abuse. We see gunshots and we see signs that are purely torture, torture that should not be taking place. We don’t feel like we’re in a war and we’re managing bodies that are at war. We feel like we’re in a massacre, and we see bodies that have no signs of humanity in them. It is indescribable. And the cruelty and inhumanity is despicable. This is horrible. And everyone should know what these people, these children, these innocent people have been through.

Dr. Marion then accepted questions from Infobae:

-What situation were the bodies in?

-In a horrible state. We cannot recognize them by their faces. Or we can just do DNA testing and try to get remains. We see them in the stages of abuse. Even if we knew them, we wouldn’t even recognize them.

-Are there women raped?

-Yeah. We see the bruises and we see the cuts, we have a forensic team. We have doctors and people who know how to evaluate each victim and each body to know what happened. And if we’re not sure, we even look at CT scans to understand the mechanism of death, the abuse, and even to have the answers that these families will need in a month or years from now, when they can and want to know what happened to them. your loved ones, What happened to them in the last seconds they lived.

What happened to the children?

-It’s indescribable. No one should see their children like this.

Captain Marion ended her technical explanation in tears. And then we were escorted to a beach full of containers. There was an acidic smell, and we were offered masks. We instantly understood what that smell was: It was death, human degradation, the victory of fundamentalism over human reason.

Israel - Palestine Conflict Coverage - Israeli Army demonstrates recovered bodies - October 2023 - Watermark
A body recovered from the area attacked by Hamas after crossing the Gaza Strip (Lihueel Althabe/)

Escorted by an officer who acted as a translator from Hebrew to English, a rabbi appeared in uniform and kippah. The rabbi omitted his last name for security reasons and provided a technical description that chilled the soul. At the base there were more than 200 containers, and each container held 50 bodies. Forensic teams work few hours and in constant rotation: the mutilations carried out by Hamas and the smell of decomposing bodies destroy the psyche and affect daily behavior.

Before finishing, the rabbi pointed to a container and said without raising his voice: “They are people, they have a first and last name, they have family and friends. And they suffered an outrage that does not exist in humanity. “I cannot describe, I have no words to say, what they did to those people who are in those bags.”

Israel - Palestine Conflict Coverage - Israeli Army demonstrates recovered bodies - October 2023 - Watermark
The military base near Jerusalem guards more than 200 containers with 50 bodies each that were recovered from the area attacked by the terrorist organization Hamas (Lihueel Althabe/)

We returned with a team of French journalists. The trip from the military base to Tel Aviv took an hour. It had already stopped raining, and the sky was clear. Nobody spoke. Not a word. Until we said goodbye in front of a square with a fountain that at all hours – day and night – has hundreds of candles lit to remember the victims of Hamas, that one Sabbath night changed our lives forever.

Dr. Marion’s full statements