Ingrid Coronado lives again the hell of the scandal with Charly

She has only returned to television for two weeks, but Ingrid Coronado is already experiencing the same situation that put her health at risk three years ago.

The driver explains that in 2018 she decided to get away from the spotlight because she “needed to heal” physically and emotionally, since the controversies about her personal life overwhelmed her.

I realized that if I didn’t go away then I would get sick, it was a complicated, difficult situation, I felt very bad every day ”.

During the three years that she was away from television, Ingrid dedicated herself to her family, especially spending time with her children (Emiliano, Paolo and Luciano), with whom she really enjoys going on a trip.

He also dedicated himself to reading books on spiritual and emotional growth, about which he shares phrases, passages and reflections on his social networks.

The decision to return to television (she hosts the contest program ‘Todos a baile’) coincided, however, with a new controversy with her ex-husband Charly López, father of Emiliano, one of their children.

Charly assures that Ingrid has turned Emiliano against him and that for that reason the young man (he is 22 years old) has moved away from him and has blocked him from speaking to him.

This controversy has put Ingrid in a situation similar to that of three years ago, from which she escaped when she retired from television. However, Coronado says that she has changed thanks to reading books such as “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “The Biggest Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

These books have created, she says herself, a stronger Ingrid to face the scandals that affected her so much three years ago.