Ingrid Coronado maintains her accusations against her ex Charly López: “she requested that I be paid for half of that house”

  • The former host of Venga la Alegría reported how the process for the falsification of her signature on some deeds is going

Ingrid Coronado maintains accusations against her ex-husband Charlie Lopez, with whom you have a dispute over a property of which you assure that you must give 50 percent. The television host updated how it is going your legal process, Well, it’s been several years since the former members of Garibaldi They are fighting over said house that they acquired when they were a couple, and that they have argued that it belongs to them.

A few days ago, the programWindowing gave to know that Charly López would have forged the signature of the former host of Venga la Alegría in the property documents. The same broadcast broadcast an interview with Coronado, who confirmed that He did file a legal process against his ex-partner and father of his son Emiliano, for not recognizing his signature in the papers that the Garibaldi singer had presented.

Ingrid Coronado maintains the fight against Charly López for a house

«Yes, this was a year ago, but how do they have that information? I mean, a year ago that result came out and I didn’t want to use that type of information in the media. I wasn’t surprised by the result. because I knew that that signature was not mine, because I had not signed those papers, “I am very sorry that it was leaked, because I have no intention of harming anyone,” said the presenter regarding the expert opinion.

The now radio host did not want to give details of how it is going.or case for the fight over a house with Charly López, However, he showed that it has been complicated due to everything that has been said about it, especially what has been leaked and said in the media about it, which is why he regretted that this whole situation had become public, because he insisted that the last thing he wants is to hurt someone.

«If I were to tell you what has happened in the courts, I mean there are many things like that, I have tried by all means, to me what “It saddens me a lot, is that they often use the media to attack,” highlighted Ingrid Coronado, who has another fight for an apartment against Anna Ferrolife of Fernando del Solar, who was also his ex-partner and father of his youngest children Luciano and Paolo, since he assures that that house belongs to the little ones.