Ingrid Coronado reacts to the mistreatment that Anna Ferro had with her children

Not for the controversy after the death of the beloved driver, Fer del Solar.

They reveal that Anna Ferro treated badly not only Fernando del Solar, but also the children of Ingrid Coronado.

Just over a year after the sad departure of Fernando del Solarcontroversies come to light that point directly to Anna Ferrowidow of the dear driver.


After it was revealed that Anna Ferro would have mistreated the children of Ingrid Coronado when Fernando Solar was not there, the presenter of Aztec TV reacts and sends a forceful message to the yoga and pilates teacher.

Mrs. Angeles Alvarez revealed before the cameras that Anna Ferro, 44, behaved well with the children of Fer del Solar when he was there, but when the driver of Argentine origin was not at home, Anna misbehaved with them.

“Just when he arrived, he treated him well. Afterwards, she kind of said: ‘I have to put up with it.’ On two occasions she did it in front of me, then not anymore because she saw that I was talking with Don Fer, ”commented Mrs. Angeles, who worked for a year as a domestic employee for the dear driver.

“When Don Fer was there (he treated the children of Ingrid Coronado) well, with love. If Don Fer was not there, he forbade them to go up to his room and watch football ”.

There were even friends of Fernando del Solar, like Aarón Olvera, former manager of Fer del Solarwho also pointed out to Anna Ferro before the cameras that she abandoned the driver the day she died at the age of 49.

“Things did happen… the last time we saw him he took us by the hand and asked us not to leave him alone, not to abandon him, to be with him until the end (…) Anna Ferro was not proactive with Fernando del Solar, the time we were there, we took care of everything, we didn’t see her there”.

Ingrid Coronado reacted to the strong revelations of Mrs. Ángeles Álvarez about the mistreatment their children received from Anna Ferro.

“I was not aware, throughout these years my children have been telling me some extremely unpleasant things, I do not know if I appreciate that they did not tell me before because I would have had to take action on the matter and things would have gotten even worse ”.

The host also commented that she did not want to make public that Anna Ferro denied her and her children access to the funeral to say goodbye to Fer del Solar to avoid a big scandal.

Finally, the MVS presenter only wants Anna Ferro to return the apartment that belongs to her and that is in cuernavacaand made it clear that when he separated from Fer del Solar, the driver was not sick.

“The only thing that interests me is that the lady returns my apartment to me, it is not in the will, it is in my name, it seems terrible to me that she takes me to legal matters when I have done things well and I have behaved well with her” .

“If he had needed my help, he would never have left the father of my children helpless. To this day they continue to attack me because in theory I abandoned a person who was sick, I did not abandon him, when we separated he was not sick, he was already fine.