Ingrid Coronado takes Charly to court and wins the battle for gender violence!

“I am suffering from gender violence, which does not seem fair to me,” he wrote. Ingrid Coronado by disclosing that her ex-husband Charly López’s statements that she was unfaithful to him twice “constituted an act of media violence for gender reasons.”

The lawsuit between Charly lopez and Ingrid Coronado It began when the former Garibaldi singer accused her of having put her son Emiliano against him. She replied that the only one who could explain why she does not want to see her father is Emiliano himself, who is 23 years old today.

The war of declarations increased in intensity when Charly assured that Ingrid she wanted to leave him on the street by taking away the house that they both bought when they were married. “I paid for most of it,” he says. Charly.

But the reason Coronado turned to the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office was the version that she deceived him. Ingrid it adhered to the Olimpia Law to request “the granting of protection measures consisting of the elimination of digital content by virtue of which I suffered media violence.”

That is, the interview in which Charly lopez she told journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante that he had discovered her being unfaithful on two occasions.

But also, Ingrid also asked that Charly lopez stop talking about her to discriminate against her. “The sole purpose of this false information – Ingrid said about the accusations of deception – was to spread and reinforce sexist stereotypes and incite violence against me.”

Through a statement, Ingrid assures that a judge granted both mediations so henceforth, Charly lopez You will no longer be able to talk about your “private life”.