Ingrid Coronado’s message after accusations by her ex Charly López

He had already branded her as a bad person and then said that she is unfaithful, so Ingrid Coronado He took to his social networks to express messages after the accusations of his ex, Charly López.

As we will remember, in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the former Garibaldi said of his son’s mother: “He was unfaithful to me and not just with one, with two people.” He mentioned a married footballer and “someone who worked on the television station, not an executive but someone who managed the sales of a program in which she was with Fernando del Solar ”.

Charly said that he realized that they were deceiving him and one day he went to the airport to surprise them: “They traveled a lot for the production of the program and that day I went and grabbed him by the shoulder, I pulled him and said: ‘you know that She is married, you approach her again and I will break your legs’ ”.

So days after those statements, Ingrid Coronado wrote on her instagram:

What do you think of this phrase?

I feel it very real, and it is that sometimes we think that giving everything for a bond is putting up with situations that make us uncomfortable.

want me to tell you something? Nothing is worth your discomfort.

And with this I do not mean that you are a heavy or a heavy, unable to understand the process of the other, no, it is not that.

It’s about getting to know yourself better, knowing your priorities, what is negotiable and what is not, and from that place relate healthily.

Since before returning to television, Ingrid Coronado used to share motivational phrases that sometimes, like this one, perhaps say much more than she could have answered after the accusations of her ex.

What is striking is that Charly López and Ingrid Coronado went from a cordial relationship to the accusations. For 17 years it seemed that everything was going well, until now it became known that his son Emiliano lives exclusively with Ingrid and that Charly has not seen him for a long time, so the singer began to protest and accuse Coronado of putting him in her against.