Inside a shark, they find remains of a man in Argentina

Diego Barría was last seen on the beaches of southern Argentina on a four-wheeler; it is believed that he was knocked unconscious and dragged into the ocean

In Argentina, the remains of a man who had disappeared on February 18 were found in the stomach of a tope shark pulled out of the sea by two fishermen, and could be identified from a tattoo, investigators reported.

This is Diego Barría, a 32-year-old oil worker whose death is under investigation, the head of the Person Search Division of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Daniela Millatruz, told the local ADNSUR media on Tuesday.

“We ask for the collaboration of the Argentine Naval Prefecture with the presence of three professional divers and also continues with the search on foot throughout the coastal area to see if the sea continues throwing any of the elements that Barría had at the time of his disappearance,” he explained. Millatruz.

The discovery of human remains inside a 1.50 meter long dogfish (species of the shark family), taken from the sea, 1,500 km south of Buenos Aires, shocked the community. That February 18, Barría had gone for a ride on a quad on the beaches of Rocas Coloradas, near the city of Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut). Around midnight he was seen coming back on his way to his house but he never came.

A couple of days later, the wrecked quad and helmet were found in a nearby coastal area but with no trace of the man, who was being intensively searched for. The victim was a lover of fishing and adventure tourism. But last Sunday two fishermen who took three dogfish from the sea in a marine incursion made the discovery. When opening one of the specimens and removing the viscera, they found remains of “dermis, fat and human flesh,” the Police said in their report.

Subsequently, a WhatsApp audio was released in which one of the fishermen recounted the experience to a cousin. Although the investigators do not rule out any hypothesis, the strongest is that the man collided with a rock and was unconscious on the coast and then the sea took the body, said the head of the Regional Police Unit, Cristian Ansaldo.

«I was so unlucky that I found it inside a shark. I went fishing and I’m given to open the shark’s belly and I found a forearm with a tattoo. We raised things and we came to the Prefecture and yes it was him (Barría). On his forearm he had a rose that said Josefina,” the fisherman recounted.