Inside Geraldine Bazán’s house and her impressive laundry room that you’ll want to copy from her

For those of us who follow Geraldine Bazan In social networks for a long time, we know that he lives in a large apartment with his daughters, and little by little we have been able to get to know the spaces such as the living room, the kitchen and even the laundry room.

Through her YouTube channel, Geraldine has also shown how she lives, although she has never done a tour to show space by space. However, there are clips where we see the details, the sober and elegant style that abounds in the place.

A couple of months ago, Geraldine starred in a video where she was very surprised by the renovation of her laundry room, which included the work of the interior designer Raúl de la Cerda, and which resulted in a chic and very functional space.

Geraldine was looking for storage space, as well as switching to a laundry center that would be more functional for her lifestyle. The final result left her with her mouth open, because it really was like “magazine”.

Due to the sponsorship of an appliance brand, Geraldine took the opportunity to show how her department is a smart home. To the magazine Architectural Digest Mexico and Latin America He opened the doors of his apartment for him.

“It is a very bright place, it gives me a lot of peace. It is functional and I have a lot of space,” said the actress, whom you will surely want to copy her decorating style.