Inside the exclusive and LUXURY apartment of Ingrid Coronado

While resolving the conflict with Anna Ferro, Fernando del Solar’s widow, over a property that they lived together until the presenter’s death, Ingrid Coronado continues her family life with her three children in another property.

It is, apparently, an exclusive apartment in the south of Mexico City, very close to TV Azteca.

Wide spaces, a room and several bedrooms give shape to the property that Ingrid herself has shown on some occasions through her social networks.

Whether it is to share an image with her children, a motivational video, or even a commercial mention, Ingrid makes the most of the spaces in her home, although without giving many decoration details.

Thus we have gradually seen the way Ingrid lives, who in addition to writing books has dedicated herself to being a presenter.

Ingrid Coronado had two children with Fernando del Solar, but her firstborn is the young man she had with Charly López, from Garibaldi.

His bedroom has a minimalist and elegant style.

The residential complex where Ingrid lives has extensive gardens and exclusive amenities for residents.

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