Inside the house of Amparín Serrano with an elevator chair and slide!

On August 12, the news of the death of Amparín Serrano, the Mexican businesswoman who succeeded with her Distroller brand and who was synonymous with originality, was surprising.

That creativity exploded in her house, where every corner had the stamp of Amparín Serrano, who was part of the Flans group until before she was fired and replaced by Ilse Olivo. She tried to continue as a singer, but her design was her thing.

In his residence, the style and mind behind Amparín, who died after having an accident in his own home, was noticeable. According to versions close to the businesswoman, Serrano had an accident while she was in a high part of his room.

In his social networks he boasted of a lift chair where he went up to think and rest. To go down, there was a tube where there was a warning that delimited the inhabitants of the house in case of an accident, under the notice of “guarnin”, from the English warning.

His daughter, Minnie West, shared various corners of the house through her TikTok account. In her videos, Amparín appeared happy with life, dancing, smiling and enjoying her family.

The businesswoman had an impressive candy table:

@minniewest Me staying over at my mom’s house to raid her candy table like…��❤️ #fyp ♬ Interior Crocodile Alligator – Chip Tha Ripper