Inside the ranch of Doña Ángela, the successful Mexican youtuber granny

In 2022 it will be three years since Mrs. Angela Garfias Vazquez He began sharing content on his YouTube channel ‘De mi rancho a su cocina’, at the initiative of his daughter, and now exceeds 4 million subscribers.

The endearing Mexican granny became a YouTube superstar, surpassing in views the channels of renowned world gastronomy specialists, such as Chef Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart.

And it is that who has not wanted to try even one of Doña Ángela’s dishes that explains in detail how to replicate it in the kitchen. With the passage of time, Doña Ángela becomes more self-assured in front of the cameras and continues to be successful on YouTube.

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Although due to the insecurity that exists in Mexico, he has not wanted to show his famous ranch in detail, through years of videos he has left us some clues to learn a little more about the place where he lives.

Doña Ángela was born in a ranch called Pablo Quin, but when she got married she went to live in a mountainous area of ​​Michoacán. She lives near a highway in the avocado zone.

In his videos we have seen that he has several kitchens. The most famous is where it has a dining room on one side, and that with the passage of time and success, they have already remodeled and painted.

Doña Ángela’s cuisine is globally famous. She enjoys cooking for her loved ones. Doña Ángela harvests her ingredients.

Enjoy cooking for your loved ones. Doña Ángela harvests her ingredients.

He also has an outdoor kitchen, where he usually cooks pozole or chicken, especially when he receives visits from the whole family.

In addition to the charisma and simplicity of Doña Ángela, one of the main attractions of her channel is that she cooks with ingredients from her farm. She has fresh chicken eggs, zucchini in her garden, and if she wants to make nopales, she just goes and cuts one from her property.

Doña Ángela harvests her ingredients.

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