Insomniacs in Hong Kong Pay to Take a 5-Hour Bus Trip “to Nowhere” to Get Some Sleep

A passenger sleeping on a bus operated by a Hong Kong travel agency offering a five-hour “silent bus” tour marketed as a “route to nowhere” for restless and eager residents to sleep on board in Hong Kong. (Photo by Bertha WANG / AFP) (BERTHA WANG /)

Good sleep can be hard to come by. So difficult, in fact, that Hong Kong people are paying to sleep in peace. People are taking bus trips to nowhere just for a few hours of rest and it seems like it’s worth it.

Instead of running out of charge, people are paying up to $ 51 to ride the bus to nowhere. According Insider, A double-decker tour bus tours weary Hong Kong residents looking to get some rest for five hours. The trip stretches for 85 kilometers and costs 12 dollars for the seats on the lower deck and 51 dollars for the upper deck. SHowever, let’s be honest; If you’re going to take a nap, do you really need a view?

AFP was the first to report on the bus, whose operator also runs a traditional tourism service. Passengers can bring all the amenities they need, including earplugs and eye protectors.

The bus trip to nowhere was created by Frankie Chow, president of Ulu Travel. He said he created a route with minimal traffic lights so that passengers were not woken up by the bus that starts and stops frequently.

He told AFP that he hoped to cater to two specific groups when he created the bus trip: people with insomnia and people who want to see the sights but have not done so due to COVID-related restrictions.

People in Hong Kong are paying to take 'bus rides to nowhere' to get some sleep
People who take the bus not only do it to sleep, but to have the feeling of traveling amidst the strong covid restrictions that operate in Hong Kong.

“I think everyone has experienced not being able to sleep at home, but they can sleep very soundly on a bus when the bus rocks and vibrates,” a passenger named Ho Wai told AFP.

“All Hong Kong people have stress from work, from paying for a flat, from life, and now we can’t travel. With all this accumulated stress, I think many Hong Kongers are not sleeping well ”, added.

His travel companion, Matthew Chick, said he had been having trouble sleeping in recent weeks and decided to give the trip a shot.

But he struggled to tear his eyes from the sight.

“Today’s weather is too good to sleep,” the 29-year-old told AFP.

Hong Kong has a COVID-zero policy, making it one of the most restricted cities to this day. As a result, traveling has been difficult for people and this bus offers a good rest.

People in Hong Kong are paying to take 'bus rides to nowhere' to get some sleep
The trip stretches 85 kilometers and costs between $ 12 and $ 51.

The strategy has kept infections low, but ensured that a business center calling itself “Asia’s world city” has been isolated for the past 20 months.

“In the past, I would go to the airport (to travel) every month,” a passenger who refused to give his name told AFP.

“Besides sleeping, this tour also gives us the feeling of traveling”, added.


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