Instagram asks users for a video selfie to verify identity

The Instagram app will have new verification measures. | REUTERS / Thomas White (THOMAS WHITE /)

As a way to increase online security and fight against spoofing, fake accounts or bots, the social network Instagram has been asking some users to record themselves in order to verify their identity.

Although it does not happen to everyone, different people have ensured that this ad has jumped them when trying to log in on a new device, for example, when trying to access through another app, from a new location or when the account has been subjected to “abnormal” behavior such as a wave of ‘likes’.

Although the measure was officially announced by Instagram, it is still in the development phase and the company itself assured that most people will not be affected by this type of verification.

“We want the content you see on Instagram to be authentic and come from real people, not bots or others trying to trick you. Starting today, we will start asking people to confirm who is behind an account when we see a potentially inauthentic pattern of behavior. ” assured the company through its official statement.

In addition to the above, Meta ensures that it will not store biometric data and therefore, the video will be secured and deleted after 30 days, in addition to not being visible in the user’s profile.

What is this security test?

When Instagram detects any suspicious activity, the following warning will appear to the user: “Take a video-selfie: we need a short video of you turning your head in different directions. This helps us to confirm that you are a real person and to confirm your identity ”, in this same announcement, the company assures that the test will not collect any biometric or facial recognition data, that is, it will only be used for verification purposes.

Once the user agrees to take the video, the social network will indicate that they must keep the mobile device at eye level and will be asked to start moving their head sideways, up and down, in order to obtain a complete view of the face, once this process is finished, the option to send the video to finish the verification will appear; However, some users have reported errors when trying to send this video, since the app ends up closing, forcing the user to repeat the process or even not allow it to complete.

As it is a measure that is not known to all users, for many it has become a headache trying to find a solution to this type of error; however, some Internet users have spoken out about it and recommend clearing the application’s cache, reinstalling it, or trying to find other verification methods by trying to log into computers.

Although Instagram has not specified in which specific cases this verification can be seen by users, it is known that so far it only affects people who have an account, that is, this procedure is not a requirement to create a new account. and it is not known for sure if this video-selfie will continue to expand to more users.

It should be noted that there are more verification methods, in cases such as payments, identity confirmation and suspicion of fraud or fraud, the app has also requested the sending of an identification document to carry out these security measures.


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