Instagram launches new forms of age authentication

Instagram will collaborate with the company Yoti, specialized in online age verification

The social network Instagram, one of the most used in the world, has strengthened its security in Mexico. It has been reported that underage users will have to verify the veracity of their data in case they want to change it.

This will be done by two new methods. If a minor tries to edit her date of birth within the app to 18 years or older, Instagram will ask them to upload her ID or record a selfie video to verify the authenticity of the movement she wants to make.

This in order to offer an appropriate experience within the social network for their age. Likewise, it has been reported that they are collaborating with the company Yoti, specialized in online age verification, to help guarantee the privacy and security of all users.

As of 2019, Instagram began to request the age of its users when registering with it, becoming an essential requirement since this has allowed it to provide suitable experiences for different age groups, especially adolescents.

Here we explain in detail what these new methods to verify age consist of. These are the ways to verify age

Identification document: It is possible to share an identification to verify age such as a driver’s license or personal identification card. This will be used to confirm age and help keep the community safe.
This provided ID will be stored securely on Instagram servers and will be deleted within 30 days.

Selfie Video: People can choose to upload a selfie video to verify their age. If they choose this option, they will see instructions on the screen that will guide them through the process. After the video is taken, the image is shared with Yoti.

They estimate age based on facial features. Technology cannot recognize identity, but age can.