Instagram stories: now there is more time to record them, 15 seconds are over

Now you can record 60 second stories. (photo: Spaghetti Code)

Now Instagram wants to make a difference, because it will allow to create much longer stories than the current ones, generating more space for new ideas from content creators and advertising campaigns.

Instagram, one of the most popular applications in the world with different updates throughout its history, you have now mentioned the possibility of recording stories (short videos viewable for 24 hours) that have a viewing time of 60 seconds.

According to social media consultant Matt Navarra, the 15-second video limit on Instagram Stories has come to an end and now the maximum duration time will be 60 seconds. It is important to add that this time limit was already available in the so-called Reels, but now the option will enter the stories.

Tweet from the social media consultant, Matt Navarra.  (photo: <a class=Twitter)” height=”1588″ src=”” width=”854″ />
Tweet from the social media consultant, Matt Navarra. (photo: Twitter)

This new feature is not yet available to all Instagram users, Well, not everyone has received the notification: “We are submitting longer stories. The 60-second videos will no longer be divided into segments. ” However, in the next few days most users will be able to take advantage of this 60 second period.

The change incorporates the latest introduced by the Facebook like new links to stories that were introduced a few days ago. In the meantime, we are awaiting the arrival of end-to-end encryption for private messaging, which appears to wait until 2023.

Without a doubt, this new update will make it easier for brands to publish ads or advertising, or it will even be a good tool for users who want to show a little more content.

Instagram stories.  (photo: Geeknetic)
Instagram stories. (photo: Geeknetic)

Instagram is late for this update

Some time ago TikTok started allowing videos of up to 3 minutes, increasing the length by 300% of its videos. Also, it added a Slider control at the bottom to be able to move them back and forth as a user wishes. Now Instagram has multiplied its count by four, when its starting point was much lower. Instagram Stories now support videos up to 1 minute long.

Instagram stories.  (photo: See How It's Done)
Instagram stories. (photo: See How It’s Done)

Until now, creating a video longer than 15 seconds on Instagram or uploading a previously saved video to the platform meant that the video was being cut into pieces to fit within the quarter-minute limit. Instagram has now decided to multiply this limit by and allow videos up to 1 minute long.

Instagram is testing adding music to feed posts

The social network Instagram has started testing a new feature, currently only available to users in countries like India, that allows users to add songs to posts in their feed. This is what the head of alliances of Instagram in India said from her personal account, @ladyroxpop, who explained that the new function allows adding music to the publications, as is already feasible in the Reels and Stories of the application.

If you want to read the full note, enter this link.

User @ladyroxpop.  (photo: Instagram)
User @ladyroxpop. (photo: Instagram)

So far, stories with ephemeral content and short videos with soundtracks are the only Instagram tools that can add music, as is the case with platforms like TikTok. For now, Instagram users can only access the new feature in certain countries, including India, as confirmed by the platform’s association manager.


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