Instagram will allow a third party to be a moderator in live broadcasts

The “live” of Instagram will have a moderator to facilitate interactions with people. (photo: Urban Tecno)

Instagram will continue to add new features soon and one of them is the figure of the moderator in the Instagram feeds, so you have someone nominated by you in these live videos to multitask while focusing only on the content of the “Live”.

When a user starts a live video on Instagram, they may receive comments, requests to join and participate, questions to be answered, and very often the user cannot be at all at all, and for this the figure of the moderator will be created. You could say that this person would work as an assistant.

That is to say, will help the host of the live show, so that the person can concentrate on their live while the moderator can reject or approve requests to participate, respond to comments, disable this possibility and many other things.

Live, Instagram.  (photo: See How It's Done)
Live, Instagram. (photo: See How It’s Done)

What would the new Moderator role look like

This type of “helper” will certainly be highly appreciated by the big Instagram content creators who accumulate millions of subscribers and need someone to moderate their live broadcasts and only be aware of what they are broadcasting directly.

The user of Twitter Alessandro paluzzi observed this novelty when creating a direct on his Instagram profile, where the user would have had the possibility to add a single person as a moderator to help him manage comments, questions, etc.

Tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi.  (photo: Twitter)
Tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi. (photo: Twitter)

The user chosen as moderator must belong to your Instagram friends list and must also have the same version of Instagram that implements the new functionality because otherwise it will be impossible to add this person as a moderator and you will have to find another one.

This is always an important figure, in which a person would delegate the management of live performances to another of their highest confidence, thus gaining the peace of mind of knowing that what that person designated as moderator is doing is the best for their followers.

The possibility of adding moderators to Instagram direct is a novelty that is not yet available, but it is not ruled out that it will be soon for everyone, although it will be necessary to see if all those who make this types of video will have the option to add them.

Instagram Live
Live video programming screen. Photo: Instagram

How to earn up to $ 35,000 for uploading Reels on Instagram

To compete against TikTok, Goal long ago launched the option of Reels or Reels on Instagram, and in order to encourage content creators to participate, he implemented the bonus program in which it is possible to win up to 35 thousand dollars.

The attraction of earning thousands of dollars in exchange for uploading a one-minute video is extremely attractive, especially for those who have a considerable number of followers on their profile.

IG Reels seek to be TikTok's competition.  (Photo: Hypertexual)
IG Reels seek to be TikTok’s competition. (Photo: Hypertexual)

To be a candidate and be able to receive the payment of the bonus program Instagram Reels Summer you need to comply with some rules and requirements. These are:

– When the bonus is available Reels summer, there will be 30 days to choose Start.

– Once you start, there are 30 days to get the bonus.

– During this period, you can choose all the reels that you want to count to obtain the bonus income.

– Money will be obtained according to the performance of the reel. Note: If a reel is permanently removed, credit may not be earned for replays that reel received.

It’s important pointing that to activate reel bonuses, it is necessary to have a profile for professionals, which is selected in the Instagram settings.

If you want to know how to register in the bonus program in the professional panel, enter this link to read the full note.


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