Instagram will change the way you view stories in the app

Some bubbles that come out automatically will be implemented

Meta is working on a new feature to help you never miss a story on Instagram, as currently when people are scrolling through the feed, they have to go back to the start in order to see Stories.

As reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, an expert in immersed engineering, the application is testing that bubbles appear while browsing the feed, in this way, the latest stories will appear.

how would it work
Although there is not much information about it yet, according to an image shared by the expert, people will be able to browse the feed, looking at the reels and publications of the followers and when new content is uploaded to the stories it will appear in bubble mode.

There will be approximately three that appear and apparently, they will be one of the accounts that the user follows the most.

The update would come to iOS and Android.
Since the beginning of last year, possible updates that would come to the platform have been known, one of them intended that you no longer swipe from left to right to see the stories, but from bottom to top, however, it seems that Meta discarded that idea .

On the other hand, Instagram in recent days has been testing a function that allows access to the latest reels of the platform shared with friends, which will be grouped in the direct messages part.

According to Matt Navarra, a social media analyst, the company is developing a feature that will make it easier to find a sent Reel if you want to watch it again or send it to someone else.