Instagram will have reminder ads tool

Instagram has introduced two new features that it is testing; one shows advertising in search results and the other is ‘reminder ads’

Instagram has introduced two new functions that it is testing with some companies and users and that show advertising in search results and the ‘reminder ads’ tool, with which companies can remind users of future events or launches.

The social network, owned by Meta, has underlined its role to “discover new brands, products or upcoming events” to users. To that end, it will introduce these new advertising tools to offer businesses “more ways to be discovered and make meaningful connections.”

As indicated in a statement on its website, Instagram is introducing ads between the publications that appear as search results to “reach people” who are actively looking for companies and their products and content, as indicated in this writing.

In this way, when the user enters a query in the search engine, such as “food”, the advertising publications of related companies will also appear in the results ‘feed’, along with the rest of the publications of the social network.

reminder announcements
On the other hand, Instagram is also testing ‘reminder ads’, a function that allows them to announce, remind and notify users of future events or releases that might be of interest to them.

To create a reminder, advertisers must create a ‘post’ and, before publishing it, click on ‘add reminder’. After that, you just have to enter the title of the event and select a start time and, optionally, an end time. Once configured, the post is created and shared.
Users who view the announcement post and are interested will be able to choose to receive an event reminder by tapping on the bell icon that will appear in the lower left corner of the post.

Specifically, those interested may choose to receive up to three Instagram notifications about the date or time of the start of said event. The configuration options are one day before, 15 minutes before and once this meeting starts.