Institute of Physical Sciences of the UNAM pronounces itself against the new Science Law

  • The Institute spoke out against the new Science Law and called on the scientific community and the population to also express themselves against

Through a statement, the Institute pointed out that the approval process of the General Law on Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation (LGHCTI) as it is really called was irregular and that it also violated the agreement to hold seven Open Parliaments.

Through a list of eight points, the Institute presented the reasons why it manifests itself against this Law, which was published last Monday in the Official Gazette of the Federation and which was approved by senators from Morena and allies last Saturday, April 29, during the early hours of the morning, expressly and without the presence of the opposition.

The first point is the presence of the Army and the Navy in the Board of Directors, diminishing the academic and scientific representation.

“The Mexican Navy does not include a solid scientific policy for decision-making in matters of Humanities, Science and Technology,” the document reads.

It is also noted that “the elimination of the public investment goal of 1% of GDP for HCTI research leaves the allocation of the ‘greater increase than the previous year’ at the mercy of the executive branch.”

The Institute also points out that the control and/or accountability by an Internal Control Body independent of the government is not substantiated, which violates human rights by excluding scientists and academics who belong to private universities, which are not prioritized. the academic criteria in the financing of scholarships, requires the transfer of intellectual property rights and commercial exploitation of patents, as well as that there could be affectations in agreements when changing from Conacyt to Conahcyt.