Insults and truths: All about the lawsuit between Yolanda Andrade and Laura Zapata

Thalía’s friend and without mincing words, Yolanda Andrade has not remained silent in the face of Laura Zapata’s forceful comments, with whom she has an open lawsuit between statements, insults, tweets and truths.

In 2021 war broke out.

In October 2021, the rumor spread, again, of an alleged romance between Yolanda Andrade and the singer Thalía. It all started when Yolanda Andrade revealed in a live broadcast on Instagram one of her romances with a singer from a famous group. She mentioned the name of Thalía and the program “Venga la alegría” went to ask Laura Zapata about it.

Through the YouTube channel of Productora 69, the journalist Jorge Cabajal announced that Yolanda Andrade would not sit idly by and was preparing a lawsuit against the morning show and the actress. The information about the lawsuit was confirmed by Yolanda Andrade herself, through her Instagram stories.

But Laura Zapata did not stay with her arms crossed either, and through Twitter she dedicated herself to ranting against Andrade calling her: “The whore vomits!!! dad, brother, what they died of, why they died, who killed them… And what did they do?

In 2022: “The egg is you.”

Laura Zapata decided to be honest about the current situation in Mexico and ran into a “scolding” from Yolanda Andrade, who wrote to her: “We Mexicans are NOT Eggs! The Egghead is you! You’ve run out of your corn that Thalia gave you, Get to Work !!!”.

And it is that Laura Zapata spoke in an interview with Carlos Alazraki about the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “I can’t stand him, he’s a liar, he’s hit the country hard, he’s done away with the institutions because of his envy and his anger towards President Calderón… He’s the bully of our country, he cheats, he gives away money, he corrupts to young people, he is sloppy, arsonist, he is not polite, he thinks the country belongs to him, he is concocting bad things and has let many Mexicans die, I can’t stand him”.

The actress assured: “We are a country, I am going to use a word that shocks me, but we are a country of assholes, stretching out their hands ‘give me, give me’, and this one fans them, cornfields them with 1,500 pesos a month and they they settle for that, they didn’t go to school and since they took away Civics at school, what happened to us Mexicans?”

The press did not want to question Laura Zapata about Yolanda Andrade, but she said: “The dogs bark, it’s the only thing I can say about that person, the Pedros bark.”

“No one is going to use me, I’m not going to raise anyone to my level,” the actress reiterated this Monday, September 26.

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Meanwhile, Yolanda reiterates over and over again that Thalía will no longer send her money, after the death of her grandmother, Doña Eva Mange:

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