International cat day: the best videos and memes of these pets

The 5 funniest cat memes. (photo: Marvin Magazine)

From the cute but deceptive gesture of Puss in Boots from the Shrek movie turned to meme, to the thousands of videos of kittens that cause laughter in Youtube, are found on social media.

These animals are undoubtedly kings in iinternet. Today they celebrate their day and Infobae joins the celebrations of the International Cat Day with 5 memes having these stealthy companions as protagonists.

Why International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8

Not many know, but cats celebrate their special day in August because is he month in which they are most active. Of course: that happens in the northern hemisphere and not on this side of the world. Various scientific studies show that cats are more active during the hot months. These conditions have consequences on the reproduction of these animals.

Based on this data, this conference also seeks to raise awareness regarding the sterilization of cats to avoid overpopulation that leads to abandoned animals. The truth is that cats have three commemorative dates in the annual calendar:

– The August 8since 2002 at the initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

– The February 20thin commemoration of the death of Socks, the cat of former United States President Bill Clinton.

– The October 29th, which emerged in the US and then spread to the rest of the world. This date was chosen by Colleen Paige, an animal expert, to promote adoptions and responsible ownership.

Socks, Bill Clinton's cat.  (photo: MILLENNIUM)
Socks, Bill Clinton’s cat. (photo: MILLENNIUM)

The 5 funniest cat memes

1. “You told me that…”

The famous meme of the woman who claims a cat has a story of two characters who have nothing in common. The image began to go viral in 2019 and they are two photos that do not correspond to each other. The image of the woman who claims is from the program “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, a reality show that has been broadcast in the United States since 2010.

The woman who appears in the meme is Taylor Armstrong, one of the protagonists of the show, and corresponds to episode 14 of the second season of the show broadcast in 2011 and entitled ‘Malibu Beach Party From Hell’ in which, in the middle of a fight, Taylor broke down crying.

On the other hand there is the true hero of the meme, the one who responds sarcastically, and is Smudge Lord, a cat who does not like vegetables, as his first famous image said, on Tumblr.

The cat’s owners decided to make an Instagram account due to the michi’s popularity. “If they’re going to post my face online, they should at least tag me,” reads his first post.

The 5 funniest cat memes.  (photo: America TV)
The 5 funniest cat memes. (photo: America TV)

2. “Last”

And just as they are funny, michis are also often dramatic. And although there are several variants, all the kittens that cry are summarized in the meme of “During.”

The 5 funniest cat memes.  (photo: Lifeder)
The 5 funniest cat memes. (photo: Lifeder)

3. “I had put”

All cat owners know how funny they can be and the “I had laid” meme is proof of that. A cat in a strange pose is a perfect meme.

The 5 funniest cat memes.  (photo: The deform)
The 5 funniest cat memes. (photo: The deform)

4. “Why did you put…?”

Also in 2019, the character @BillionTwits shared on Twitter, an image in which a lady appears showing a supposed exam to a cat. In addition, the tweet included the text Bomboclaat.

However, users in social networks they gave it another meaning and highlighted the question “Why did you put it?” The rest is internet history.

The 5 funniest cat memes.  (photo: Mag El Comercio)
The 5 funniest cat memes. (photo: Mag El Comercio)

5.Grympy Cat

Tardar Sauce, his real name, rose to fame as Grumpy Cat after going viral in 2012. His photographs with a bitter face They shot through the networks in the form of a meme.

Grumpy Cat passed away in 2019, leaving his throne of memes empty.

The 5 funniest cat memes.  (photo: Mag El Comercio)
The 5 funniest cat memes. (photo: Mag El Comercio)

Kwai Recommends These 5 Cat Accounts To Follow

1. @apolocatv

In this profile with almost 600 thousand followers all the craziness of Apollo, Abby and Alanna. And it is that these cats are literally professional actors in each of their videos in which they interpret very funny scenes.

In one of his videos, one of the cats complains to her human why she broke up with her girlfriend, but what makes it funny is that the animal literally meows at its owner.

Another of those animals has a video with a new version of the song ‘Mami’ by Karol G that says “Don’t record me again, or I’ll break your cell phone”, alluding to the large number of films that Karen makes of her.

(photo: Kwai)
(photo: Kwai)

two. @jorgerunza

Jorge is a Bogotan who owns totoro and moon, and his videos are a hit. The reason? It has the incredible tips and tutorials to be the best owners:

– Tutorial how to make a simple scraper.

– Tutorial how to make a cheap toy.

– Tutorial on how to make one water source, among others.

In addition, he makes videos calledmichi novelsand these are situations that happen to everyone with their cats.

3. @michisyyo

This is the account of a Colombian veterinarian who posts videos of all the cats that live with her. There are of all ages and colors.

in one of the videos most popular and inspiring stories that she has tells with one of her cats how it began to feel bad and then they discovered that it had feline leukemia, she took such good care of it that the cat managed to overcome the disease.

(photo: Kwai)
(photo: Kwai)

Four. @atena_tcat

In this account there is a white cat and a calico cat that are always in style. Their owner publishes videos of them showing a different outfit every day.

From tutus to necklaces, bows, pearls and costumes, these are some of the garments that look very stylish.

5. @pedrinhoepaulinho

They are 2 Brazilian michis who have more than 700 thousand followers. They are all influencers, and of course, if they are both cats with an overwhelming personality.

To begin with, you can see this video of one of them dancing reggaeton.


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