Internet job boards are the preferred ones for looking for a job

The Internet Job Search in Mexico 2022 study reveals that, among candidates, the search for job opportunities is done through internet job boards (68%)

Looking for work through classified ads in newspapers or magazines is a thing of the past. Digital media are preferred to seek not only employment, but also personal, according to the Mexican Internet Association MX (AIMX).

The Internet Job Search in Mexico 2022 study reveals that among candidates, the search for job opportunities is carried out through internet job boards (68%), followed by mobile applications (68%) and social networks ( 51%).

Recruiters, on the other hand, search for personnel through online job boards (88%), social networks (75%) and personal references (53%). Regarding the devices used, the candidates use their smartphones to a greater extent with 63% preference, followed by their computers or laptops (32%).

The mobile phone continues to be the preferred means of contact between recruiters and candidates, either through calls (42%) or WhatsApp messages (32%).

“Digital media are incorporating functionalities that make the search for employment and employees more and more efficient, linking the profiles of candidates and companies with the greatest matches,” said David Centeno, a member of the Human Capital Committee of the MX Internet Association.

For people looking for a job, salary is the most important factor when accepting a job, according to 72% of the participants, 5% more than in 2021. Very close is the interest that job options have a clear opportunity for professional development (71%), in addition to good benefits (67%), without leaving aside emotional salary factors such as the balance between work and personal life (59%) and the work environment (56% ).

Regarding the elements that are most important for recruiters when evaluating a candidate’s CV, they first consider work experience, followed by the requested salary, in addition to skills, aptitudes and competencies, place of residence and the Last level of accredited studies.